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Multiple Use Cases Leveraging Data with Actifio in Google Cloud – ESG at Actifio Data Driven 2019


Christophe Bertrand: (00:04)
Welcome to Actifio Data-Driven 2019 conference. I am joined today by a Manvinder Singh, who is with Google cloud. Manvinder, thank you for joining us.

Manvinder Singh: (00:13)
Thank you for having me, Christophe.

Christophe Bertrand: (00:15)
So what do you do for Google Cloud and why are you here?

Manvinder Singh: (00:19)
I lead infrastructure partnerships for Google Cloud, which means I get to work with companies that are building exciting solutions for our customers in various infrastructure areas like data protection, data management, networking and so on.

Christophe Bertrand: (00:32)
Perfect. It makes perfect sense that you’d be here. Tell me, what do you do with the Actifio platform? What are your customers saying about it and what have you seen?

Manvinder Singh: (00:41)
Actifio has been a great partner for us for a long time. We have lots of customers using Actifio in the cloud. There are various use cases we solve with Actifio. Customers use it for backup of workloads running on premises into the cloud. Customers use it for protecting data that’s associated with workloads running in the cloud. And also more and more customers are doing disaster recovery from on premises to the cloud.

Christophe Bertrand: (01:05)
So if you look at all of these use cases, what do you think is the prominent one and what do you expect to see in a future?

Manvinder Singh: (01:13)
More and more customers we’re seeing are migrating workloads into the cloud. They’re doing lift and shift into the cloud and the use case that we’re coming across quite a bit is customers want the same policies that they’re used to on premises for backup and recovery, they want to apply those in the cloud. And that’s one use case we’re seeing a lot of and with Actifio GO, the SaaS platform from Actifio, that’s something that gives them a managed solution, which is what they expect in their cloud for protecting those workloads.

Christophe Bertrand: (01:40)
Perfect. Well, thank you very much for your time today and thank you everyone for watching us.