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Hub24 Transforms Wealth Management with a Smarter Technology Platform & Faster Access to Data

Using Actifio as the core of DevOps sharpens the competitive edge.

Continuous platform development is part of Hub24’s competitive edge. However, creating production database copies was a slow and complicated process that impeded development progress and simultaneous feature development. Moving to Actifio as the core of DevOps, Hub24 found “their perfect solution.” Using a new automated process, developers can access fresh database copies whenever needed and develop multiple feature branches at the same time. The process has also reduced storage expense with required capacity shrinking by a 1-to-50 ratio.


Who: Hub 24, an investment platform provider.

Challenges: Database management complications impacting application development speed. IT Environment: SQL, Mongo DB, VMware, Dell servers and storage, transitioning to Google cloud.

Solution: Consolidated backups with Actifio, including SQL testing and DevOps. One tool to protect and manage all physical and virtual application environments.

“We have 50 developers in Melbourne and Sydney that we need
to keep productive. Using Actifio, we now automatically provide
them with a fresh copy of the production database every six hours.
If they need immediate access at times, we can do that too.”

Organization Overview
Established in 2007, HUB24 is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and provides customers with an awardwinning investment and superannuation platform. They offer a comprehensive range of investment options, with enhanced transaction and reporting solutions for all types of investors – individuals, companies, trusts, associations, or self-managed super funds. The flexible technology allows advisers and licensees to customize the platform solution to fit their business. HUB24’s award-winning platform solution continues to be recognized across the industry for value and customer experience, providing advisers with the technology to efficiently manage and add value to their clients.

The Challenge
Hub24 is a platform company that provides customizable resources to financial advisors that enable creation of portfolios and trades on behalf of their clients. Continuous platform development is part of Hub24’s competitive edge. That development is supported by a weekly activity analysis that helps determine needed platform changes and feature upgrades. Updates are then planned and tested for a once-a-month release of significant changes. Speed of development and reliability of testing against production data are essential to the growth and business success of Hub24.

Before adding any platform changes to the production platform, they must be thoroughly tested. In their previous environment, refreshing test copies of the production database was a complicated and lengthy process that could take a week or more, while producing the copies tied up staff and storage. Because fresh copies were not easy to access, they produced only a small number of copies, and this limited the number of features that could be developed simultaneously. What’s more, using aged data for development, testing, and quality assurance meant that identifying bugs before release was not always guaranteed.

“It’s a massive time saver. Actifio reduces refresh times from days
to minutes. Required storage capacity is a fraction of what it
was. Also, our operating efficiencies and development speeds are
having a direct and positive business impact.”

The Solution
The Hub24 IT team began looking for alternatives that would speed up their development process. After testing some options that delivered only marginal benefits, they found Actifio. “We knew from the start that this was the perfect solution,” said Suharta. “We could pass the team a fresh copy of the database whenever they need it, and the team can work on multiple features at the same time.” The process is now automated to create a fresh production database clone every six hours. Sensitive data is quickly masked and what once could take as long as two weeks is accomplished in half an hour. Regression testing becomes simple. So if a database copy is corrupted during testing, a new copy is immediately available. Developers are working through the entire cycle at speeds beyond what the team previously imagined possible.

• DevOps Actifio provides Hub24 developers with the tools to confidently accelerate the entire cycle of
development, testing, QA and release
• Expense Savings Easy creation of production database copies enables simultaneous feature development while reducing storage capacity by a 1-to-50 ratio compared with previous development methods.
• Time Savings The entire development cycle time has been substantially reduced. Creation of fresh database copies has diminished from more than a week to less than 30 minutes.
• Application Testing Using Actifio, the team can rapidly perform advanced testing and patch management to improve reliability, identify issues earlier, and more completely achieve validation before deployment of new versions.
• Staff Efficiency One individual managing the backups behind a single pane of glass, freeing others who were previously involved. Also, daily monitoring and troubleshooting reduced from many hours to minutes, or no time at all.

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