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ESG Insights from Actifio’s Data Driven 2019


Steve Duplessie:                  00:24                       Hi there we’re at Actifio DataDriven 2019 and, in terms of a wrap up, Brian, first of all, anything you’ve seen that sticks out to you that strikes you as interesting?

Brian Garrett:                       00:37                       Sure! Actifio, from a technology stand point, they announced Actifio 9.0. It’s the next version of their platform. They just continue to extend the data driven agility that they’re providing to customers. And one of the things I was most excited about is they’re starting to leverage cloud object storage from leading cloud vendors to actually make it be multi-cloud and a lot more affordable and easy to get value out of your data.

Steve Duplessie:                  01:00                       Awesome. Christophe.

Christophe Bert:                 01:02                       Well for me, a couple of things. First of all, I think the quality of the customers that we saw and the use cases going well beyond just traditional backup and recovery, really leveraging data in an intelligent fashion for a test/dev or in many other cases for business outcomes. And I think that’s really the big takeaway from me.

Steve Duplessie:                  01:19                       And there were a tremendous amount of really big name customers all of a sudden just one year over the next, it seemed like they just came out of the woodwork and these guys are big deployments too. Big, big deployments. I think my biggest takeaway that I was a little surprised about was the level of go to market channel partnerships that they now have in place that weren’t here a year ago, Dell/EMC ,Tata, which is a huge one, Google Cloud, and IBM, but these are market makers. A company can be successful marginally, I’ll say and sell a lot of stuff into their base, but you can’t be a home run moonshot kind of company unless you can get these types of partnerships. And so I was blown away and every single one of them stood up on stage. They weren’t just, “Oh, these are new deals.” Every one of them set up on stage yesterday and talked about real customer wins in some of these massive accounts. I was just super impressed by that.

Brian Garrett:                       02:22                       Well, I was blown away with one of those statements said Ash, just made from the stage that they started with these partnerships to the three that you mentioned, and there’s others as well in February and already 15 to 20% of their revenues is coming from that. That’s how fast it can be.

Christophe Bert:                 02:37                       Yeah, and a lot of repeat business. I mean it’s interesting how the land and really grow the business with existing customers, adding new use cases over time. I think it’s a very, very good thing for them.

Steve Duplessie:                  02:48                       That’s a great point and not to be minimized. Normally you know, your product does one thing and so, your best hope is you get it in there however you can get it in there and then people fall in love with it and start using it more and more and more. These guys have the double edge kind of advantage where it might come in for one thing, data protection, modernization, whatever, DevOps, but whatever. But suddenly the fact that I can give data to anybody in the organization that might need it. I just watched the gentleman from Delta Airlines, you know, talking about how they’re using Actifio to completely change their customer experience around in just information out to an end user that says, “You’re delayed, but here’s why you’re delayed.” Which we all go through time to time. That was fascinating. From DataDriven 2019 this is ESG signing off.

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