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Interviewed during the 2019 Dell Tech Forum, Vijay Ramaswamy, VP of Product Marketing, answers the question, “”How would you characterize the digital transformation currently underway across the federal government?”

Most organizations today are becoming a software business, and whether you are in the business of a lawnmower, or for that matter, a three-letter federal agency. Most organizations today, especially in the cloud era, are collecting more data, analyzing more data, and striving to bring newer products and services to market faster. And we have seen a lot of innovation in the space of the past few years from software engineering and new agile processes. DevOps has clearly established itself as the leading paradigm with a demonstrable business impact. We are also seeing a rampant adoption of public clouds. And finally, we are also seeing agencies adopt leading-edge capabilities in the cloud, like data lake for structured and unstructured data.