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DB Cloning for DevOps And QA


Hi, I’m Chandra Reddy. In the next two minutes, I will share some information with you that will help your organization grow revenue by releasing new features faster, with better quality at lower costs.

Your developers and QA engineers demand clones of production databases so they can test the software against real data and should have some dummy data. This is important for them because they want to catch defects early rather than late in the reproduction staging testing cycles. But the challenge is that you just can’t create clones of a multi terabyte database fast enough. Imagine 10 clones of a 15 terabyte database. It will take hours or days and increase the wait cycles for testing. And of course it takes a lot of storage. So many organizations perform data subsetting. The problem with this approach is that defects go undetected until user acceptance testing, where the software sees copies of production data for the first time. Finding defects so late in the cycle increases the risk of delayed releases or release with poor quality.

Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you. Let’s look at some of the critical capabilities you should consider. An ideal solution should allow Dev and QA testers to provision dozens of clones of a multi terabyte database in just minutes. More importantly, in a secure and self service manner so it totally eliminates any dependency on database administrators and storage administrators. And your infrastructure team doesn’t have to spend a dime on extra storage because these clones are virtual database clones that do not take any extra physical storage. An ideal solution should support a wide variety of databases, such as Microsoft SQL server, Oracle SAP HANA, MySQL, PostgresSQL, Db2and other enterprise databases. Either on, on premises or in any public cloud. An ideal solution would deliver rapid refreshes at your desired frequency, such as every day or even every few hours.

An ideal solution will allow you to take even ETL data and clone it to multiple test environments. An ideal solution would integrate via APIs in your CICB pipeline so that you can continue to use your tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins to provision these virtual database clones to multiple test environments. Different testers should be able to provision virtual database clones from different points in time and refresh their clones at their own desired frequency. This offers complete flexibility to testers and yes, it should be able to provision clones to physical servers or VMs in a private cloud or any public cloud or even to containers.

The bottom line is this, with all such capabilities, you can help your organization deliver more features faster with higher quality and reduce cost and burden with a very modern database cloning tool. Actifio has all these capabilities and many more. On an average our customers have reduced their database cloning time from 11 days, to just 18 minutes. And in many situations Actifio has introduced more than 70% savings as compared to our competitors. So if you have any further questions and you want to learn more details about how Actifio works and how it can help you, please send us an email to