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Database Cloning for DBAs


This is about database cloning and it’s meant for DBs and architects. In the next few moments, I will share things that you can use to help your CIO and business grow revenue by releasing new features faster, with better quality and at lower costs. Your developers demand clones of production databases so that they can test their software against real data instead of some dummy data. But the challenge is, you can’t create clones off a multi terabyte database fast enough. Imagine 10 clones off a 15 terabyte database. It would take hours and quite some storage, and it puts an enormous burden on DBs to create those clones with sensitive data maps. Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you. Let’s look at some of the critical capabilities that you should consider.

An ideal solution should allow dev and QA testers to provision dozens of clones of a multi-caliber database in just minutes, more importantly, in a secure and self service manner so it totally frees up the DBs time to do more important things. And your infrastructure team doesn’t have to spend a dime on extra storage, because these clones are not physical clones, they are virtual database clones that don’t pick up any extra physical storage. An ideal solution should support a wide variety of databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP HANA, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other databases. On any private or public cloud, an ideal solution must deliver database consistent incremental, forever refresh without any extra expense of staging servers. And hey, if the same solution can also help you with backup data retention, disaster recovery, with instant recovery at no extra license cost, even better.

The bottom line is this. You can help your organization deliver more features faster, with higher quality and reduced costs and burden with a modern database cloning tool. Actifio has all these capabilities and many more. On an average, our customers have reduced the database pull in time from 11 days to just 18 minutes. And in many situations, Actifio has introduced more than 70% savings as compared to our competitors. To learn more details and to understand how Actifio works, set up a 30 minute discussion with an Actifio subject matter expert. Just email us back

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