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Dakine Gets a “Huge Win” with Streamlined Data Protection for New ERP System

Actifio Delivers Simple, Fast and Efficient Backups with Instant Recovery and Cloud-Vaulting Option

Dakine designs “amazing products” for action sports. Fast, efficient and solidly reliable IT support is essential to make their business thrive. In response to rapid growth, Dakine was installing a new ERP system on an accelerated schedule. The huge migration required dependable improvements in data protection and management. They needed faster, more consistent backup with faster and more predictable recovery for all virtual and physical systems. They selected Actifio for its simplicity, the single pane of glass operation and ability to protect 100% of their critical data assets. In the process, they gained off-site replication and recovery capability, consolidated all backup systems to a single application and recovered terabytes of production storage space.

“Actifio gives us huge time savings.
The idea is to set it and forget it.”


Key Facts

WHO: Dakine makes gear for people love being on the mountain or in the water enough to have figured out a way to spend their lives doing it.

CHALLENGES: Inconsistent manual backup approach. Assuring protection and recovery during a critical ERP migration.

KEY APPS: Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, 95% virtualized on VMware vSphere, SQL Server databases, product design applications.

SOLUTION: Actifio CDS on site and Actifio Sky for AWS vaulting.

SAVINGS: Simple rapid recovery for all critical applications, reduced staff time for backup operations, and off-site cloud DR capabilities.



Dakine makes gear for people who are passionate about active outdoor sports. From snowboarding to mountain biking to windsurfing and more, Dakine customers and employees are devoted outdoor enthusiasts. Located on the Columbia in Hood River Oregon, Dakine’s team is as demanding about the performance and quality of their business technology as they are about the products they make. Safety, strength, reliability and endurance are all integral.

The Challenge

As a small but rapidly growing company, Dakine needed IT systems that would keep pace. They were making a rapid transition to a new ERP system using MS Dynamics AX. It was a huge migration of infrastructure and systems that had to be transparent to daily operations. Existing backups had been done with a jumble of scripts, storage array snapshots and unrelated tools. There was no off-site recovery capability. And if a system went down, the affected part of the business, such as logistics or product design, couldn’t function. A new capability was essential to see that all applications were up and running and data was protected while the ERP changes were made. At the same time, any trouble had to be invisible to users.

The Solution

Dakine selected Actifio to deliver the backup and DR protection they were seeking. Starting with the Actifio hardware-based Copy Data Virtualization platform (CDS) they have implemented a single cohesive system for data protection and management. The next stage of the plan includes implementation of Actifio Sky virtual appliance in Amazon Web Services (AWS) for vaulting to the cloud and enabling off-site disaster recovery. Because the ERP project was adding a significant load to the environment, being able to backup quickly was key, and being able to recover applications from any missteps during the migration was a critical objective. Dakine wanted no more scattered scripts and freestanding backup jobs, no more disks physically carried offsite. Actifio promised new confidence in data management and protection with instant recovery.

Once the decision was made, Actifio Global Services began rapid implementation. Within a few days, the implementation was
complete and application protection was underway. “Support from Actifio has been nothing short of excellent.” Said Richards.

“Whoever hires your people is doing a great job. Everyone I have met from Actifio is amazing.”



Running with a lean IT team, Dakine needed an effective solution they could confidently “set and forget.” Actifio has supplied the capability to protect and support their entire environment, simply. “It’s a huge win for us in the speed we can mount a VM and grab files from it. Actifio is super easy and super time-saving.” Said Richards.

The ‘A-ha’ moment for Richards came when he experienced the easy and intuitive Actifio operations for data management and recovery in the single pane of glass solution. “Competitive solutions had multiple things that needed attention. With Actifio, I can open the console and quickly get what I need, recover something easily or even talk another team member through it. The clean and simple UI was a major selling point for me.

“Having confidence in our DR program and strategy is one of the most comforting things an IT person could ask for, beyond a good night’s sleep.

Now I can go on vacation.”


Through Actifio, Dakine has:

• Protected 100% of critical application data on virtual and physical systems
• Avoided purchase of new production storage capacity by reclaiming snapshot space
• Eliminated multiple separate tools and reduced staff time managing backups
• Improved backup performance and cut recovery times (RTO) to under 10 minutes from 24 hrs
• Increased confidence in application availability to support Dakine’s dynamic growth