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Actifio Database Cloning Appliance Powered by Dell Technologies

The Actifio Database Cloning Appliance Powered by Dell Technologies (DCA) is a highly scalable copy data management platform, running on hyper-converged Dell EMC VxFlex or VxRail nodes powered by Actifio Sky software. DCA allows Dev, QA, UAT, DBAs, DevOps to provision rapid application-consistent, space-efficient database clones in minutes using a self-service model.

• 4 or 5 Dell EMC VxFlex or VxRail All-Flash nodes (2U)
• 24 x 1.92 TB SSDs per node
• ~70TB (4 node) or ~92TB
(5 node) usable capacity EXPANSIONS
• DCA can be expanded up to 290TB usable capacity using 14 VxFlex nodes or VxRail nodes (nodes must match the base system)

DCA supports cloning of the following enterprise databases running on any storage on premises and also replicates to any public cloud such as AWS, Azure, Google, IBM for on-demand cloning in the cloud.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
• Applications
• Oracle EBS
• SAP S4/HANA/Sybase/MaxDB
• Microsoft Dynamics

Custom Enterprise Applications
• Oracle
• Microsoft SQL Server
• IBM Db2
• MariaDB
• PostgreSQL
• MongoDB

WIDE PLATFORM SUPPORT: Deliver simplicity with single pane of glass support for many enterprise databases (DBs), running on any VM or OS such as Windows, Linux, AIX, or Solaris on any storage platform.

INSTANT CLONES IN MINUTES: Accelerate application test and release cycles by creating application-consistent DB clones, in minutes, with no impact to production. For example, provision 10 copies of a 10 TB database in less than 15 minutes.

SPACE EFFICIENT: Reduce TCO by provisioning space-efficient DB clones (also known as virtual DB clones). For example, 10 clones of a 10 TB database consumes just 10 TB storage instead of 100 TB. Store changes and metadata across arrays instead of across copies only.

SECURE & SELF-SERVICE: Eliminate wait cycles with role-based access control (RBAC), and data masking, so authorized testers can provision virtual DB clones in a secure and self-service manner.

RAPID DATABASE REFRESHES: Accelerate application test cycles with rapid refreshes to test environments in just minutes in order to access changes to the production database.

EASY TO USE & AUTOMATE: Simplify DevOps & CI/CD experience with DCA’s ability to integrate via APIs to DevOps tools such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet and ServiceNow.

HIGH PERFORMANCE: Improve application quality by catching defects early in test cycles with high-performance testing using DCA’s capability to provision virtual DB clones over iSCSI or NFS.

EXTENDED POINT-IN-TIME HISTORY: Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements with DCA’s integrated ability to store, rewind and provision point-in-time instant database clones from Dell EMC ECS and Data Domain (using retention lock).

MULTI-CLOUD READY: Enable DevOps to perform testing on-premises as well as in AWS, Azure, Google or IBM Cloud with DCA’s ability to replicate, store and provision virtual database clones in public, private or hybrid cloud.

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