How IT can do more with less
Mark Peters and Christophe Bertrand of Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) discuss how IT teams can do more with less in the post COVID-19 new normal.
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Leveraging Google Cloud Platform with Actifio (in 120 seconds)
A quick video detailing how to leverage Google Cloud Platform with Actifio
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Actifio Database Cloning Appliance in 60 seconds
In 60 seconds, learn about the Actifio Database Cloning Appliance powered by Dell Technologies
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A Healthcare Provider Remedies Backup Reliability Headaches with Help from Actifio Copy Data Management Solutions
A large New England healthcare provider was challenged to consolidate disparate IT functions.  Learn how they consolidated and reduced duplicate systems and software and benefited in staff efficiencies and reduced expenses.
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Revolutionize rapid cloning for Oracle databases with IBM Virtual Data Pipeline
We cover traditional Oracle database cloning challenges, how VDP works for Oracle, the benefits of using VDP for Oracle, questions to ask yourselves as well as provide a short demo showcasing VDP for Oracle database cloning.
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Introducing the IBM Virtual Data Pipeline for Cloud Pak for Data
In this webinar, learn how IBM Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) enables data scientists to achieve this, as well as the benefits and details on how VDP works with CP4D.
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Database Cloning for IT Directors
Chandra Reddy discussed delivery of application versions more quickly with higher quality and reduce costs and burden with a modern database cloning tool.
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Actifio Logo
In this video, learn about things that you can use to help your CIO and business grow revenue by releasing new features faster, with better quality and at lower costs.
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DB Cloning for DevOps And QA
Chandra Reddy shares information that will help your organization grow revenue by releasing new features faster, with better quality at lower costs.
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Actifio Support for Oracle direct NFS (dNFS)
Oracle’s direct NFS client has some optimizations that can help improve performance when using NFS.  Actifio supports direct NFS.  In this video we show you how to set it up.
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Oracle Block Change Tracking
Brian Pace of Actifio explains Block Change Tracking
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Using Oracle Data Redaction feature with an Actifio Virtual Data Base
With Oracle 12c and above you can get the benefits of Data Redaction at no extra cost. Automate this with Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline to create redacted Virtual Databases for test, dev, education, helpdesk, etc.
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