Brigham Young University Implements High-Performance Data Backup & DR Platform
BYU was looking for a comprehensive platform with advanced disaster recovery capabilities capable of a cloud-based offsite backup. Read why they chose Actifio.
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Actifio Supports National Health Services Digital Transformation
CSU created an RFP to address their need for reliable backup and DR for the entireSQL environment. Actifio responded with a detailed proposal and worked closely with the technical champion to address all questions with in-depth responses.
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Cengage Implements Actifio for Hybrid Data Protection
Cengage began their transition to Actifio for backup of their virtual environment and then expanded to cover all databases. They implemented the Actifio GO SaaS platform to provide Amazon S3 backup for remote sites and eliminated scattered legacy infrastructure.
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Banking on Actifio for Speed, Simplicity, and Consistency
KCB Group capitalizes on sophisticated Information Technology to manage its banking business across seven East African countries. Learn why KCB Group chose to work with Actifio as their data protection and application development partner.
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Actifio for Cyber Resiliency
The goal of cyber resilience is to demonstrate confidence in data integrity using immutable data copies that ensure the availability of data within minutes for continued business operations. Actifio’s copy data management (CDM) technology offers the ideal platform to establish durable and reliable cyber resiliency.
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Hub24 Transforms Wealth Management with a Smarter Technology Platform
Continuous platform development is part of Hub24’s competitive edge, but creating production database copies was a slow and impeded progress. Hub24 found “their perfect solution” by moving to Actifio as the core of DevOps,
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CGI partners with Actifio to deliver a client WOW factor
CGI provides advanced professional IT services and outsourcing to hundreds of enterprise clients. They are required to migrate, protect, and manage extensive data sets. With Actifio, CGI obtained a platform that could provide simpler and faster data management solutions.
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A Multi-function Actifio Bonus for Aviation Distribution Services
Transforming a legacy tape backup environment to flexible and reliable disk-based data backup using Actifio as a multi purpose backup solution and data migration engine.
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Abilene Christian University Studies Advanced Data Management
Learn how Abilene partnered with Actifio for the transition from tape and expanded coverage to include backup, DR, deduplication, and future expansion to cloud-based services.
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On Premises to Multi-Cloud Transformation
Inland Revenue Simplifies and Speeds their Cloud Move Using Actifio Data Migration. Inland began with Actifio for data migration and expanded coverage to include backup, DR, replication, and self-service DB provisioning for DBAs
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Barmenia DevOps Success— Insured by Actifio
Barmenia, an independent large insurance group, improves application development and disaster recovery for large critical databases with Actifio.
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A Journey to Success – An Actifio Customer’s Story
Long-time customer writes an unsolicited account of their experiences with Actifio technology.
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