Cybersecurity is a concern for employees at all levels of organizations


Ransomware is a new type of malware that has exploded on the market.  The US Government estimates that 4,000 attacks occur every day while IBM estimates that the attacks increased 6,000% in 2016.

Ransomware is devious; after infecting an unsuspecting host, the software encrypts all data it can find in the IT infrastructure.  Once encrypted, the data becomes inaccessible and the hacker demands money in return for the decryption key.  Infected entities are left with a difficult decision:

1. Pay the hacker.

Hope that he/she provides the key and that the data is recoverable.  There is no guarantee that either of these two things will happen. While the US Government discourages this strategy, 70% of businesses pay making ransomware a profitable endeavor for hackers.  (It is estimated that hackers earned $1 billion in 2016.)

2. Ignore the hacker’s request.

Look to other means to recover the encrypted information.  (Typically relying on backup copies of data.)


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