Flashback for Data Protection & Cloud Mobility

Actifio flashback

Data is more critical than ever for today’s businesses and outages can materially impact revenue, reputation and customer satisfaction.  Traditional data protection methodologies struggle to deliver the speed and scale of backup and recovery for the massive data volumes in use.  Companies are looking for new strategies to deliver instant backup and recovery.

Actifio has developed advanced integrations with numerous storage companies, including Pure Storage, to extend snapshots to including advanced data management capabilities.  The resulting solution, called Flashback, delivers an appliance optimized for instant backup and recovery, on-premises or in the cloud.  Actifio delivers deep application integration with the ability to protect data in native application format and orchestrate large scale recoveries either with Pure snapshots or traditional object storage.  Best of all, Flashback provides a simple path to the cloud and the ability to deliver disaster recovery in the cloud of choice.

AppFlash For Automated DevOps

Today’s business imperative is to move faster, and most organizations recognize that applications are the accelerant. By developing new, innovative ways to engage customers, introduce new offerings, analyze trends, and enhance sales, new business applications can mean the difference between market winners and losers.

Actifio and Pure Storage have developed the AppFlash DevOps Platform™, a pre-validated solution enabling secure self-service to hundreds of concurrent dev/QA/test hosts, managing multi-TB-sized workloads, instantly. The combination of the leading copy data virtualization platform and Pure Storage’s All-Flash Array, in three pre-tested configurations, deploys rapidly, delivering time to value back to the business in days. The result is an automated, agile data management platform built on a foundation of secure self-service, instant provisioning, and lower costs.

Leverage the Unparalleled Benefits of Actifio & Pure Storage

Deliver Instant Recovery to Minimize Downtime

Accelerate the recovery of critical business data using Pure snapshots, object storage or cloud storage, regardless of data size.

Application Consistent Data Capture

Capture application consistent data from leading business applications including SAP HANA, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Oracle, SQL and MySQL

Automated Disaster Recovery

Provide instant one-click disaster recovery either at a remote data center or in the cloud using Pure snapshots or cloud storage

User Self-Service

Enable every user to access virtual copies of production data instantly for information recovery or test / dev purposes

Simplify Migrations to Pure Storage

Automatically migrate critical business data to Pure storage from any storage platform

Pre-tested, Proven Solution

Gain peace of mind working with an integrated solution using Actifio and Pure Storage

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