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End of Support Life


The below table lists out the planned EOSL (end of support life) for Actifio’s current products.

Until reaching the EOSL date below, we will fully comply with Actifio’s support policy, including:

  • Support for replacement hardware parts
  • Issuing security fixes and bug fixes (e.g. when the product behaves differently from our documentation) 
  • Supporting new versions of products in our support matrix (e.g. new versions of DBs or VMWare)

If an existing support contract explicitly extends beyond the EOSL date, we will continue to offer support for the scope and term of that contract. If an existing support contract ends before the EOSL date, you will be able to extend your contract until the EOSL dates listed below.  If you have any questions, or do not see your product listed, please contact customer support.

Updates for software products, will be provided via Service Packs, which will be shipped once every year.

We encourage all customers to consider Actifio GO on the GCP Marketplace. Actifio GO enables simpler consumption-based pricing, simplified operations, and one integrated Google invoice for consumption and support. Your spending on Actifio GO is eligible to count against any existing, contractual spending commitments with GCP. You can also get support and professional services for Actifio GO, similar to current Actifio products. 

Customers using products listed in the table below who need to buy new licenses should consider moving to Actifio GO instead. Before your support contract expires, we encourage you to contact your Google support team and/or account team, to learn more about how to migrate to GCP Actifio GO in the future.

Product that is supported by ActifioProduct typeEOSL DatePossible Migration Path
Sky/CDS 9.x, AGM 9.x (on-premises or AWS, Azure, Oracle, IBM cloud)SoftwareSeptember 30, 2021Sky/CDS 10.x, AGM 10.x or Actifio GO
CDX 8.x (on-premises)SoftwareSeptember 30, 2021CDX 10.x or Actifio GO
RD 8.x (on-premises or AWS, Azure, Oracle, IBM cloud)SoftwareSeptember 30, 2021RD 10.x or Actifio GO
Sky/CDS/CDX, AGM, RD 10.x (on-premises or AWS, Azure, Oracle, IBM cloud)SoftwareMarch 31, 2022Actifio GO
Actifio GO (GCP Marketplace), bought before Dec 15, 2020ServiceYour Gbucks subscription term or August 31, 2021, whichever is earlier Actifio GO
CDX (Dell PowerEdge R740)Hardware serverMarch 31, 2022Actifio GO
CDS Gen 5 (also known as SV1)Hardware serverMarch 31, 2022Actifio GO
CDS Gen 4 (also known as M4)Hardware serverMarch 31, 2022Actifio GO
IBM DS3512 OR IBM v3700Hardware StorageAugust 31, 2021Actifio GO
NetApp E2800 ControllerHardware StorageAugust 31, 2021Available from vendor
IBM Switch 2498-24E/ Brocade 7800 FCoE SwitchHardware SwitchAugust 31, 2021Available from vendor
SANbox 5800Hardware SwitchAugust 31, 2021Available from vendor
Kroll for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePointSoftware third partyAugust 31, 2021Available from vendor