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Press Release

Kenwood USA Transforms IT with Actifio, Saving $300K

September 16, 2014

Actifio’s Copy Data Virtualization Platform Enables More Efficient IT Operations while Eliminating Legacy Data Management Tools

BOSTON – September 16, 2014Actifio, the copy data virtualization company, today announced that its platform has been successfully deployed by Kenwood USA, a leading developer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and communications equipment.

indexKenwood USA replaced multiple data management tools with Actifio to manage its mission critical data, which had been growing at rates of 300-400 percent annually over the past five years. Actifio’s virtualization platform now enables Kenwood to easily capture data from production applications, manage data in a dramatically more efficient manner, and use data as it wishes, anytime and anywhere. The change has already enabled Kenwood to collapse server, storage and networking infrastructure, and resulted in a more efficient data center with better application service levels.

With Actifio, Kenwood USA is:

  • Managing production data, virtually, for all applications including Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange;
  • Eliminating tape from its environment—saving approximately $30K each fiscal year;
  • Saving $60K annually on backup administration costs—an expensive and time consuming process that is now completed multiple times a day at a fraction of the cost;
  • Completing file server backups in minutes;
  • Recovering from a disaster within hours versus the days it took previously;
  • Shrinking data storage and network usage through deduplicating and compression;
  • Accessing data instantly and send it to employees within minutes.


“Managing production data growth rates over 300 percent while also meeting our internal application SLA was overly complex and costly with our legacy software tools and physical infrastructure.” said Mark Takeuchi, Systems Admin Manager, Kenwood USA “When we evaluated newer technologies, none could help us fulfill all our objectives – save money, time, storage costs – until our partner Think ASG introduced Actifio’s virtualization platform.  In short order, we were able to meet all our objectives while shrinking IT spend and expanding our ability to support users.”

Actifio’s Copy Data Virtualization platform is optimized for managing copies of data, eliminating redundant silos of infrastructure and data management applications.  By virtualizing the management and retention of data, Actifio transforms the need for multiple data silos and point tools deployed for backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, compliance, analytics, and test and development into one, SLA-driven, virtualized storage system.


“We are delighted to have such a venerable consumer electronics brand among our growing list of customers, now spanning over 30 countries around the world,” said Actifio CEO Ash Ashutosh. “It’s always exciting to see our platform deliver strong business results like this right out of the gate, and we look forward to working with our partner Think ASG to deliver even better results to Kenwood.”

About Actifio

Actifio delivers copy data virtualization to hundreds of global enterprise customers and service provider partners in more than 30 countries around the world. The patented Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology decouples data from infrastructure, enabling dramatic improvements in business resiliency, agility, and access to the cloud. Actifio replaces siloed data management applications with a radically simple, application-centric, SLA-driven approach that lets customers capture data from production applications, manage it more economically, and use it when and where they need to. Actifio is headquartered just outside Boston, Massachusetts, and can be reached via the web (,) Twitter (@actifio,) or email at