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Press Release

Emerson Study Identifies Data Virtualization as Important Building Block for Data Center of the Future

November 19, 2015

“Copy data virtualization has the power to make data management dramatically more power-efficient,” explains Ash Ashutosh, Founder & CEO of Actifio. “Few would argue that the efficiencies enabled by virtualization technology will play an essential role in the data center of the future, though ironically most seem focused on the virtualization of compute and networking as the places to begin. It’s called a “DATA Center” for a reason, and virtualizing the data is absolutely key to decoupling the growth of primary data from the growth of power-hungry storage.”

According to the Emerson Network Power study, there is a lack of “transparency over the different systems”. In many data centers, “silo-like structures” still prevail because individual systems communicate with different protocols. The big challenge is to “develop solutions that collect data across all systems, and translate them, so that one management solution can work with it.” Data virtualization makes it possible already today to control access to application data centrally, so automatically there is better transparency for data management.

Silo structures have much to do with the traditional approach of data management, where copies of the same data are held for different purposes: analysis, backup, development, testing, disaster recovery etc. These data silos can be replaced by a central Copy Data Management platform. Data will then be recorded directly from within applications, centrally stored, managed and globally de-duplicated. A master ‘golden’ copy is created and saved. Changed blocks are always stored incrementally, so the master copy is always up to date. Whenever required, this master copy can generate countless virtual copies for any purpose. Fewer memory resources are used, since there is only storage space required for one physical master copy. Virtual data copies are available at any time – even faster than in conventional memory variants.
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Actifio virtualizes the data that’s the lifeblood of businesses in more than 30 countries around the world. Its Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology enables businesses to manage, access, and protect their data faster, more efficiently, and more simply by decoupling data from physical storage, much the same way a hypervisor decouples compute from physical servers. For enterprise-class backup modernization, self-serve instant data access, or service provider business transformation, Actifio is the first and only enterprise class copy data virtualization platform. For more visit, or follow us on Twitter @Actifio.