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Actifio to Offer Enterprise Application Data Vaulting in Google Cloud Storage Nearline

July 23, 2015

Enterprise customers get long-term storage economics with immediate data availability

BOSTON, July 23, 2015 – Actifio, the copy data virtualization company, today announced a strategic relationship with Google Cloud Platform that will provide Actifio customers with one-click access to Google’s long term vaulting solution, Google Cloud Storage Nearline, right from within the Actifio platform.

Actifio enables hundreds of enterprise customers across 36 countries to capture, manage, and use application data more quickly, efficiently, and simply across business resiliency and agility use cases. Its users create simple, intuitive SLA’s to determine which data will be managed by the system, how often it will be captured from production, where it will be kept, and for how long. Once created, any SLA can be bound to any application, with just a few clicks.

Now Actifio customers can just as easily add a high performance “Vault” profile to their SLA portfolio, enabling them to move application data directly into Google’s new long-term storage platform, Google Cloud Storage Nearline. With just a click, you’ll get long term storage economics (~1¢/GB for data at rest) with immediate availability performance (~3 second response times for data retrieval.)

Other features of the Actifio integration with Google Cloud Storage Nearline include:

  • “Set it and forget it” – Once an SLA including vaulting has been created and attached to an application – say, for production data aged beyond 3 months – the movement of that data into Cloud Storage Nearline is completely automated.
  • Local storage availability – Actifio Sky offers near instant mounting of data volumes, even those stored on Cloud Storage Nearline’s object storage.
  • Improved data access – Actifio makes it easy to clone data from Cloud Storage Nearline, supporting copy data use cases including data analysis and compliance even for data that’s aged out of the data center or production cloud environment.
  • Compression and Encryption – Application data is always compressed globally from production – across secondary use cases – to minimize the storage footprint. Also encrypted by a user-supplied pass phrase.

“Even our largest and most sophisticated enterprise customers are eager to take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of public cloud solutions such as Google Cloud Storage Nearline,” said Actifio Founder & CEO Ash Ashutosh. “The challenge is that the scale and specificity of their business requirements often make it challenging for them to make the transition. Actifio’s application-centric approach to copy data management frees our customers from the constraints of any particular infrastructure. That makes Actifio the perfect solution to migrate late lifecycle data – automatically – into a cloud-based storage solution like Cloud Storage Nearline.”

“We’ve been looking closely at public cloud solutions for some time now,” said Bob Dolinsky, CIO of Sutherland, a global law firm. “Google Cloud Storage Nearline’s attractive cost per terabyte and fast data availability are things we are considering as we look for the right solution to reduce our internal technology footprint.  Being able to access this type of infrastructure through our Actifio copy data virtualization platform would give us the option to combine the public cloud economics we want with the enterprise features we have and need.”

About Actifio

Actifio virtualizes the data that is the lifeblood of businesses spread across 36 countries worldwide. Its Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology decouples data from infrastructure, accelerating business resiliency, agility, and mobility into the cloud while reducing both cost and operational complexity. Its radically simple approach lets customers easily capture application data, manage it more economically, and use it whenever and wherever they need it to ensure business continuity, control access, and develop new applications and insights faster and more efficiently. For more visit, or follow us on Twitter @Actifio.

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