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Actifio to Showcase Industry’s First Data Management Virtualization Solution at VMware User Group

January 19, 2011

Actifio Brings New Data Management Paradigm that Transforms Data Protection, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Silos Into a Single, Simple Virtualized Offering to Drive Down Costs by up to 90%

WALTHAM, MA – January 19, 2011 – Actifio™, the leader in Data Management Virtualization (DMV), today announced that the company will showcase the industry’s first single, virtualized data management solution for backup, disaster recovery and business continuity at the New England VMware User Group (VMUG) meeting being held on Jan. 20, 2011 at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass.

According to IDC, unstructured data is growing by 60% per year, which is creating a need for vastly different storage economics. Multiple point tools have been added to the data protection operations to address the data proliferation dilemma, but have not been able to solve the problem. The span and scale of the issues have outgrown the capabilities of existing data protection techniques and solutions. It is imperative to bring a new approach that integrates and unifies the data management operations into a dynamic virtualized operations center.

Organizations today are under constant pressure to deliver more with less and are faced with the complexity of managing multiple copies of data across multiple point tools for backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, analytics and compliance. The result is that 15 to 120 copies of production data are stored within the IT infrastructure which costs 3 to 5 times more than managing the production data itself. This situation is further exacerbated by the inability to manage data within available business windows – leaving businesses vulnerable to data and productivity loss and increased risk.

To break this cycle, Actifio has ushered in a new paradigm transforming the data center into a dynamic, virtualized operation that unifies and reduces the management complexity of backup, disaster recovery, business continuity and compliance requirements resulting in vast performance and cost efficiencies. Actifio’s solution begins with a single unique copy of the application data as the source for its lifecycle management and virtualizes this copy for data protection, disaster recovery, business continuity, VMware SRM, and all other applications requiring a copy of the data. Actifio transforms these individual silos of point tools into a single, virtualized solution to manage data across the entire process, independent of the operating systems, servers and storage infrastructure.

By integrating global deduplication, compression, encryption, network optimization and storage virtualization, Actifio drives down the total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 90%, resulting from reduced storage footprint, network bandwidth utilization and the freedom to choose any commodity storage device from any vendor, including cloud-storage options. An application-centric, SLA-driven management interface sets a new industry benchmark in simplicity, ease of use and operational expense.

Actifio’s DMV solution results in zero backup windows, instant restore of consistent point-in-time copies of data at any location, and efficient management of copies for analytics or compliance. With no requirement to change any infrastructure or operational practice, Actifio delivers a solution that inserts seamlessly into the existing infrastructure to ensure investment protection while radically reducing the overall costs.

“Traditional point tools for data management have a sustaining innovation roadmap with the usual faster- bigger-cheaper paradigm. With the 24×7 business availability requirements, virtualized data centers and exploding data growth, is there any point going faster if you are fundamentally on the wrong road?” asks Ash Ashutosh, CEO, Actifio. “What is needed is a disruptive innovation that brings the promise of data management virtualization, much like VMware brought to server virtualization, to deliver effective solutions at an order of magnitude better simplicity, lower cost and flexibility to meet these dynamic business requirements. Our customers have validated the benefits of a proven data management virtualization solution that slashes the cost and complexity of managing data throughout its lifecycle.”

About Actifio
Actifio delivers a next-generation data management solution with radical simplicity, unprecedented agility and up to an order of magnitude lower cost. Based on Data Management Virtualization (DMV) technology, Actifio transforms individual silos of point tools into a unified solution using efficient pipelined management across the data lifecycle. The company’s patent-pending DMV technology delivers unified data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity across the data lifecycle for virtual and physical IT environments.

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