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Press Release

Actifio Named to CRN’s 2019 Big Data 100 List

May 15, 2019

Selected Among ‘Coolest Big Data Management & Integration Software Companies’

WALTHAM, Mass. – May 15, 2019 — Actifio, the pioneer of copy data management software, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Actifio one of “The Coolest Big Data Management & Integration Software Companies” on its newly published 2019 Big Data 100 list. This annual list recognizes technology suppliers bringing to market ground-breaking offerings to effectively manage the ever-growing amounts of data generated every day.

To compile the list, the CRN editorial team identifies IT vendors at the forefront of data management, business analytics, and infrastructure technologies and services. The resulting Big Data 100 list has become a trusted resource to solution providers, helping them identify the right vendors to partner with.

As the IT community continues to collect massive volumes of valuable data, managing this giant information stream continues to be a complex and delicate process. It requires expertise in data capture, storage, organization, tiering, security and analysis. Businesses are constantly struggling with the exploding volume, speed, and variety of information they produce and utilize on a daily basis. Solution providers are on a never-ending mission to help them fully manage and utilize this data with innovative tools, technologies, and services that can convert it into meaningful information.

Actifio enables near-instant access to massive volumes of application-specific data without the need for additional hardware investments – a major reason many customers have come to rely on Actifio for analytics and other big data initiatives. In February, Actifio launched Actifio GO, the industry’s first multi-cloud copy data management SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform, making it faster and simpler to backup and restore, accelerate DevOps and analytics initiatives and meet regulatory and compliance requirements for applications on premises and in multi-cloud environments.

“CRN’s 2019 Big Data 100 list identifies tech suppliers with a reliable track record of working together with solution providers and their customers to fully capture, analyze, and protect their data,” said Bob Skelley, CEO of The Channel Company. “The innovative products and services they have brought to market raise the bar for data management and improve upon outdated IT practices.”

“We are once again honored to be recognized by CRN as one of the coolest big data management software companies, on the heels of being named one of CRN’s coolest cloud software companies,” said Ash Ashutosh, Co-Founder and CEO of Actifio. “Very few companies are on both the Big Data 100 and the Cloud 100 lists, which says something about the foundation we have built with our customers and partners. As we continue to expand our industry-leading Actifio Sky software portfolio and deliver operational simplicity and proven business value in on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud environments, 2019 is looking like our best year ever. We thank CRN for this prestigious honor, and our partners for their role in helping us expand this technology across thousands of enterprises.”  

The 2019 Big Data 100 list is available online at