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Press Release

Actifio Launches a Painkiller for Enterprises with Large Databases in Linux

May 10, 2017

Actifio extends the priceless ingredients of enterprise data management to large data sets on Linux in data center, private, or public cloud

Boston, MA — May 10, 2017 — Actifio, the Enterprise Data-as-a-Service (EDaaS) company, today announced enhancements to its existing EDaaS for Linux service with the release of its Change Block Tracking (CBT) feature for large datasets on Linux systems.

Digital economy is pushing 10s, even 100s of TBs of data into databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, DB2 running in Linux systems. Traditional backup methodologies of at least one full backup a week cause a huge performance impact on production databases. Disaster Recovery (DR) and DR tests take dozens of hours, even days, and it’s impossible to provision dozens of copies of production databases to DevOps teams to accelerate new feature testing.

These are the challenges that the Actifio 7.1 release addresses. Actifio pioneered incremental forever backup, instant recovery, and virtual data provisioning for large multi TB databases. Actifio’s new 7.1 software has extended these highly differentiated functionalities to very large datasets on Linux systems in data center, private, and public cloud. Benefits for enterprises include:

  • DBAs never have to worry about the impact of backups to their production systems because of incremental forever backup even for 100 TB sized datasets on Linux running in physical, cloud or any hypervisor. Actifio 7.1 software has a new Change Block Tracking feature in Linux that enables block level incremental forever backups.
  • Application downtime risk reduces dramatically because of Actifio’s instant recovery capability even for 100 TB sized datasets in data center, private, or public cloud.
  • Acceleration of application test cycles is possible by enabling DevOps teams to provision virtual copies of production datasets on Linux instantly and in a self service manner.

According to Gartner’s May 2015 Market Share Analysis: Server Operating Systems, Worldwide, 2015 report Linux revenue was $2 Billion and grew by 10.4% in that time period.

“Linux is more prevalent than ever in data centers, private, and public clouds.” said Ash Ashutosh, CEO of Actifio. “We see enterprises storing very large data sets in unstructured and structured databases in Linux systems. Traditional methods of data protection, disaster recovery, and data provisioning to DevOps is not scalable. Actifio’s 7.1 Enterprise Data-as-a-Service delivers differentiated data management capabilities for Linux systems in physical servers, VMs, and public cloud. This is a must-have for all enterprises.”

“Data management on Linux has traditionally been difficult.” said Seth Seagraves, President of Halski Systems, a solution provider that uses Actifio for their enterprise customers. “We used Actifio 7.1 Change Block Tracking (CBT) for Linux for our 12 TB MySQL database and reduced backup window from 20 hours to 15 minutes. We were able to reduce RPO to 1 hour using Actifio StreamSnap for Linux systems and reduced the RTO of 12 TB database to 10 minutes. It delivers the peace of mind to enterprise customers that their investments in databases on Linux platform is safe with fast backup and recoveries.”

The director of Storage and Backup of a Fortune 500 healthcare service company also added: “We have a mission critical 2TB DB2 database on Linux. What used to take 14 hours to do backups now takes 45 minutes because of Actifio’s change block tracking feature for Linux. This has reduced the storage and network IO on my critical production servers by up to 10x. I now have the peace of mind that the backups won’t fail and recovery of the 2 TB DB2 database will happen in minutes.”

About Actifio

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