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Actifio Introduces Actifio One, The Business Resiliency Cloud

February 9, 2015

Cloud-based service provides the fastest and easiest way to make applications available whenever and wherever they need to be.

BOSTON – February 9, 2015 – Actifio, the copy data virtualization company, today announced the launch of Actifio One, the business resiliency cloud. Actifio One is a cloud-based service built on Actifio’s copy data virtualization technology that provides businesses of all sizes with the fastest and easiest way to make their applications available when and where they need them. Built on Actifio’s revolutionary Virtual Data Pipeline™ (VDP) technology, Actifio One replaces a hodgepodge of data protection and management tools with a single, cloud-based service you can set and forget to protect applications and databases running on physical servers, VMware, Windows, Hyper-v, Linux, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Today most mid-sized businesses have a solution in place to back up their physical machines, and another solution to protect their virtual ones. They have a solution to handle snapshots, and another for replication; a point tool for tape because it’s inexpensive, and a point tool for disk because it’s fast. The result is a system too hard to build, manage, and pay for. Worst of all, most companies end up with little confidence they’ll be able to access the applications most important to their business when something – inevitably – goes wrong.

Actifio One isn’t just another backup destination in the cloud, and it’s not another point tool to add to the pile. It’s a single, integrated, hybrid cloud solution that combines a small but powerful software download with all of the cloud-based resources required to not just store application data but to restore the capability of applications themselves in the cloud, on demand, for either business resiliency or cloud burst management. Customers manage the system through an easy-to-use, browser-based portal, and are able to fail over and fail back as required without missing a beat.

Key features include:

  • Cloud-based service – Easy, flexible, and agile. Customers can tier, protect, provision, and recover applications in minutes.
  • Enterprise grade security & auditability – Encrypted in motion, and (optionally) at rest. Control access centrally, and know who access to what data when.
  • Radically simple – Self-service approach puts the customer in control.
  • Wide platform support – Physical, VMware, Hyper-v, WIN & Linux, and all major databases
  • Powered by the Virtual Data Pipeline™ – Built on the same copy data virtualization technology trusted by hundreds of enterprise users in 36 countries for the protection and instant provisioning of more than three exabytes of enterprise data.

Service providers looking to leverage public cloud infrastructure can also look to Actifio One. By eliminating capital expenditure requirements and accelerating provisioning times, Actifio One provides an alternative to service providers looking to deliver managed services such as backup, vault, and low RTO recovery services for a wide variety of applications on physical and virtual infrastructure.

“Actifio One provides users and service providers of all sizes with a fast, affordable, and radically simple way to access their most important applications wherever and whenever they need to,” said Ash Ashutosh, Actifio founder and CEO. “The bundling of our VDP technology with public cloud infrastructure offers businesses of all sizes the ability to move beyond backup, to a true business resiliency model formerly available only to the largest enterprise customers.”


Early Customers

“I was very impressed with the innovative Actifio One software service as well as the excellent technical assistance, ease of implementation and purchasing,” said Andrew Wheelhouse, IT coordinator for the Town of Banff. “Actifio One is price competitive. But more importantly, if you need something to work, it needs to work. And while you are struggling with a long, slow restore process, you won’t be congratulating yourself on saving a few dollars at the purchase.”

“Protecting our critical ERP databases before was too costly and complex. When we looked at existing options like Veeam and Commvault, none could deliver what we really needed, which was a fast and complete restoration of the application functionality, not just the data. Then we found Actifio One,” said Guillaume Meillat, senior global network and system administrator, Electrocraft. “Actifio One was the obvious answer, especially when we saw how simple the licensing model was, and were able to set it up in just 30 minutes.”


Analyst Insight

“Actifio One is well positioned to address the needs of the midsize enterprise market,” said Dave Simpson, Senior Analyst, Storage at 451 Research. “First, our research indicates 1 in 5 large to midsize enterprises do not have a disaster recover plan in place, leaving 20% of the market exposed. Second, over one-third of these companies plan to redesign their backup or disaster-recovery infrastructure over the next 12 months. Finally, we know customers biggest storage pain points include consistently exceeding backup / recovery windows, and uncontrolled data growth. To address all of those challenges with a single, cloud based service – and in fact go beyond DR to deliver true business resiliency – is something this market both wants and needs.”

This new strategic offering can be implemented in minutes, and is available only through Actifio and its worldwide business partners.

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About Actifio

Actifio delivers copy data virtualization to hundreds of global enterprise customers and service provider partners in more than 30 countries around the world. Our Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology decouples data from infrastructure, enabling dramatic improvements in business resiliency, agility, and access to the cloud. Actifio replaces siloed data management applications with a radically simple, application-centric, SLA-driven approach that lets customers capture data from production applications, manage it more economically, and use it when and where they need to. Actifio is headquartered just outside Boston, Massachusetts, and can be reached via the web ( Twitter (@actifio) or email at