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Press Release

Actifio Announces Global Alliance with Tata Consultancy Services to Provide Multi-Cloud Copy Data Management Solutions for Data-Driven Enterprises

June 4, 2019

Successful Outcomes in Global Enterprises Promise Strong Alliance

WALTHAM, MA – June 4, 2019 – Actifio, the pioneer of copy data management software, today announced a global alliance with Tata Consultancy Services, a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, to offer enterprises the ability to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, reduce storage costs and meet the speed and scale requirements of today’s multi-cloud world.

The combination of Actifio technology and TCS’ global expertise in delivering IT transformation promises significant benefits to customers. As data-driven organizations modernize their legacy infrastructure-oriented data management strategies and implement hybrid and multi-cloud approaches, the first imperatives are gaining control of, and ensuring near-instant access to their data. The Actifio Sky software platform was designed from an application-centric standpoint to be infrastructure-agnostic, and to enable the acceleration of DevOps and analytics, to modernize data protection and improve security, compliance and governance.

“Helping companies accelerate their Business 4.0™ transformation is the cornerstone of TCS’ business model,” said Raman Venkatraman, Global Head, Alliances and Technology Unit, TCS. “At the foundation of this is the ability to manage, speed up and scale cloud-based data at an affordable cost. Actifio’s platform effectively achieves this vast, complex task, and we’re pleased to extend its expertise to even more global enterprises and industries.”

Actifio pioneered copy data management solutions to eliminate copy data sprawl and reduce storage costs, while delivering instant access to any point-in-time copy of data, for any applications, at any location. The Actifio Sky software platform is based on Actifio’s patented Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) technology. VDP combines data virtualization technology, which creates a single golden copy of application-centric data used for virtualized copies, with data pipelining technology that provides data mobility, transformation and point-in-time application recovery orchestration, at any location.

More than 3,600 enterprises in 38 countries rely on Actifio solutions to modernize protection, management and access to data in order to advance their strategic initiatives. Ash Ashutosh, co-founder and CEO of Actifio, said, “Data is now the essential competitive fuel for businesses across every industry. As the pioneer in copy data management software, Actifio delivers the world’s leading data-as-a-service platform to help customers leverage their data as a strategic asset. Actifio and TCS share the same commitment to delivering successful business outcomes to global enterprises and we are excited to be a global alliance partner to accelerate data-driven digital transformation initiatives in this market. This announcement formalizes what has already been a very successful partnership with a number of successful business outcomes at global enterprises in recent months. We are looking forward to rapid expansion in the opportunities to help customers with their data-driven initiatives.”