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Actifio and Yash Solutions Expand Alliance, Enhance YashOne Unified Platform with Actifio Integration For DevOps

September 12, 2018

Waltham, Mass. – September 12, 2018 – Actifio, the world’s leading enterprise Data-as-a-Service software company, today announced a new initiative with Yash Solutions, a leading systems integrator for DevOps automation and creator of an Open Source DevOps platform. The expanded alliance includes integrating Actifio as the data layer with Ansible for configuration management to power the YashOne platform.

The YashOne platform, powered by Actifio & Ansible, helps organizations prepare for the implementation of new DevOps approaches and technologies, introducing an automated layer of virtualized data to handle storage as new, upgraded services are implemented into the enterprise. The YashOne platform, powered by Actifio’s APIs and Ansbile’s open source automation capabilities, brings the power and ease of CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) to the current manual processes of new product implementation, making it easier for IT teams to work smoothly in a fail-safe environment as they roll out new systems and applications for their organizations.

Through the use of the YashOne platform, enterprises experience a cultural change in their IT operations as they migrate from legacy software and services with little to no disruption via the heightened level of integration, automated workflows and solution versatility, all measured against a custom set of key performance indicators to best fit the organization’s needs.

Ashish Nanotkar, CTO of Yash Solutions, said, “It has always been a priority of Yash Solutions to bridge the gaps in our customers’ technology implementation. In order for our customers to succeed in this era of rapid digital transformation, they need to feel less overwhelmed in regards to the task at hand.”  


John Annarelli, Managing Director of Yash Solutions, stated, “This formidable integration of RedHat Ansible & Actifio technologies built into the YashOne Unified Platform will be very powerful. We are very excited for this alliance as we take our automation capabilities to new levels.”

Ash Ashutosh, Founder and CEO of Actifio, said, “Digital transformation continues to be the highest priority for almost every company anywhere. YashOne helps organizations adapt their DevOps processes and we are thrilled to enhance our alliance and provide the underlying data management technology for the YashOne Unified Platform.”

The YashOne Unified Platform is currently available through Yash Solutions. For more information on Actifio’s suite of cloud-focused data solutions, please visit our website.

About Actifio

Actifio is the world’s leading enterprise Data-as-a-Service platform. It enables thousands of users around the world to deliver their data just as they deliver their applications and infrastructure… as a service available instantly, anywhere. An enterprise-class software platform powered by patented Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology, Actifio frees data from traditional infrastructure to accelerate adoption of hybrid cloud, build higher quality applications faster, and improve business resiliency and availability. For more, visit or follow us on Twitter @Actifio.

About Yash Solutions

Yash Solutions has been providing enterprise clients with application & operation services for eighteen years. Yash provides a technology agnostic approach utilizing the very best automation & tools that are architect for your specific environment. Yash headquarters is located outside of Atlanta, GA with an office in Mumbai, India.  Yash covers the United States, Europe & Asia working with Fortune 1000 clients. Learn more about Yash Solutions at

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