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Sometimes the most powerful solution is invisible.

“This has been disruptive in a good way. It’s a whole new way of thinking for us.”

Bill Croteau

Information Services Director, Electric Insurance


With an industry-leading API, Actifio’s software platform can seamlessly integrate with the tools you use most.

Actifio’s software can be deployed globally, yet managed centrally through the global management interface as well as via RESTful API.

Consider several common example integrations: automated environment builds, centralized service management, and data privacy. Many organizations looking to automate the development and test processes, perhaps moving to a CI/CD model, use tools like Ansible or Chef to automate the environment builds.  

By connecting Actifio via API, virtual data can accompany the rest of the environment at the touch of a button. For centralized service management, many organizations have leveraged Actifio’s API to integrate with platforms like ServiceNow, to trigger Actifio functionality via tickets. And when it comes to data privacy, Actifio’s orchestration capabilities can integrate with any third party data masking tool or even home-grown scripts.


Modernizing data management can create short-term and long-term headaches.


Complete global control, integrated with your current operations.


Actifio’s global management enables centralized command-and-control, regardless of how distributed the implementation – multi-data center, multi-cloud, multi-regions, or all of the above.


With mature RESTful API, Actifio software integrates seamlessly with leading platforms like Splunk and ServiceNOW, across the DevOps toolchain. The result is minimal disruption and maximum efficiency in data management.

Actifio helps organizations to outperform their peers by becoming truly data driven.