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Managing data in its native format sets Actifio apart.


Actifio recognizes that data starts with the application, not the infrastructure.

Actifio speaks the language of applications, capturing and managing data using vendor-certified methods for application consistent point-in-time virtual images.

Actifio’s SLA-based policy engine captures application-consistent data in the most effective and efficient manner possible: incremental-forever, at the block level, in native format.  

In addition, Actifio automatically synthesizes virtual full copies from the incremental changes at each capture point-in-time, ensuring data ready for use at any time.

“We have developed a wonderful collaborative relationship with Actifio. They proved themselves early on and have become a valued partner ever since.”

Joseph M. Janhonen – Database Delivery Architect, Infrastructure Outsourcing


Generic data capture methods can leave you down in the dumps.


Self-service, very large databases on-demand, hours to minutes cycle time reduction? Check. Check. Check.


Rapid access to application data means you can slash application release cycles, deliver more high-quality features faster, gain a competitive edge and win customers.  


At the same time, reduce business risk by minimizing application downtime, dramatically reducing backup windows, and delivering lower RTOs and RPOs, for any size dataset across a wide variety of enterprise applications, on-premises or in any cloud.

Actifio helps organizations to outperform their peers by becoming truly data driven.