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Actifio helps data move at the speed of business.


Actifio pioneered the idea that providing instant access to non-production – or copy data – creates a foundation for digital transformation.

The good news about data: it’s more important than ever to our businesses.  The bad news: it gets bigger every day, and as a result, harder to effectively manage using traditional / legacy technology.

Actifio virtualizes data, in much the same way VMware virtualized compute, delivering a level of accessibility and portability regardless of size or location.  

So that 30TB Oracle database that previously took days to provision for development can now be used in minutes, by any number of developers, analysts, testers.   

“It’s a massive time saver. Actifio reduces refresh times from days to minutes. Required storage capacity is a fraction of what it was. Also, our operating efficiencies and development speeds are having a direct and positive business impact.”

Ferdy Suharta – DevOps Manager


How many hours of the day are lost to data management inefficiencies?


Set it up. Tear it down. Repeat as often as you like, non-disruptively.


With Actifio, the dream of continuous development and integration (CI/CD) can now be a reality, regardless of data size.  50TB databases can now move at the same pace as lightweight application components.


Brett Cross, Chief Technologist of the New Zealand Lottery said it best: “The time savings with Actifio are dramatic. Applications are developed faster and at higher quality. What had taken a day, now takes half an hour.”

Actifio helps organizations to outperform their peers by becoming truly data driven.