Why Actifio Sky in Microsoft Azure?

On-Demand Test/Dev

Backup and Instant Recovery

Long Term Data Retention/Vaulting

Migration to Azure

Test Data Management & Data Protection in the Cloud

When using Actifio Sky in Microsoft Azure, you’ll have access to on-demand disaster recovery with low-RTO & low-RPO, capabilities for long-term data retention, and the ability to accelerate app release cycles with faster on-demand test dev. All available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


Build Higher Quality Applications Faster in the Cloud

The Actifio Sky virtual appliance delivers Test Data Management capabilities for DevOps, Agile or traditional application development and test teams, enabling enterprises to build higher quality applications faster, responding to market needs and customers rapidly.

Actifio Sky runs in Azure, in other clouds, and on-premises (as does the Actifio CDS hardware appliance), to deliver virtualization of copies of production application data, a.k.a Copy Data Virtualization. Actifio Sky captures application data at the block level in its native format, using APIs such as VSS for Microsoft SQL Server and RMAN for Oracle Databases, creates a golden master copy of that application, and then incrementally captures changed blocks and merges them into the golden copy. Actifio will then manage and move that data by customer-defined policies to wherever they need to access and use that data, including to and within Azure – for application development and testing, or any other use case.

To serve up test data for DevOps teams, Actifio Sky creates virtual copies of databases or data sets, and instantly mounts them to the dev/test host resources, on-schedule or on-demand. If data masking, ETL or other scripts are needed to secure or alter the data, Actifio workflows will integrate them before provisioning – now secured – virtual databases, to specific users defined by Roles-based Access Controls. 

See the Demo: Recover a 1.6 TB SQL Server Database in <60 Seconds

Improve Data Protection in the Cloud

The Actifio Copy Data Virtualization platform meets the wide range of enterprise resiliency requirements: Improving RTOs, Reducing Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), and delivering cost-effective long-term Retention without giving up rapid access to stored data.

The result: Actifio improves internal SLAs, while reducing IT costs, complexity and business risk — in Azure and on-premises.

Actifio delivers its resiliency capabilities via its appliances, including the virtual appliance Actifio Sky, which runs on Azure, VMware, Hyper-V and other public clouds, and the Actifio CDS hardware appliance for larger-scale enterprise data center deployments.

See the Demo: Rapidly Provision Virtual SQL Server Databases for Test/Dev

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