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Actifio Helps Enterprises Do More With Less

Lower Costs, Better SLAs


The pandemic is here. As the Economist put it “The earth is under repair.” Supply chains are disrupted, and we are all sheltered-in-place.

More than ever, IT staff is working from home, thus increasing the surface area of attack for bad actors using ransomware. But businesses still have a revenue number to meet, applications to protect and maintain, and new applications to launch. At the same time, there is a bigger emphasis on IT cost containment.

Data Management Cost: Why is it High?

Data management includes three key use cases: Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Database Cloning for Test Data Management.

A backup product doesn’t deliver low RTO & RPO; while a DR product doesn’t deliver long term data retention; and neither of them can deliver rapid clones of multi-TB databases such as SAP HANA, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Db2, etc. 

Thus, many enterprises end up with a siloed approach with a point tool for each use case, which leads to very high software license costs. Note that each point tool creates a copy of production application data, which increases infrastructure costs and operational burden.


An ideal solution is a single Copy Data Management (CDM) platform that can cater to all these use cases (backup, disaster recovery, database cloning for test data management) in a private, public or hybrid cloud model.

A CDM solution reduces software license costs, infrastructure costs and operational burden by 50% or more as compared to the siloed approach of using multiple point tools.

The solution also delivers key requirements and SLAs such as low Recovery Point Objective (RPO) with incremental forever backup, flexible short/medium/long term data retention, low Recovery Time Objective (RTO), and reusable backups to deliver rapid database cloning.


Actifio’s Multi-Cloud Copy Data Management Solution has helped thousands of customers reduce costs while meeting and exceeding their backup, RPO, RTO, and database cloning requirements.

Whether you are running mission-critical databases like SAP HANA, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc, Actifio has you covered. Customers running the world’s largest databases rely on Actifio for data protection and rapid database cloning.

Learn more about how Actifio has helped others reduce costs by as much as 55% while exceeding their SLAs.


Miguel Martinez
Acting CIO

” Actifio GO SaaS has helped us eliminate our on-premises DR infrastructure, cut costs with its unique ops-free technology to backup everything, including a vary large MS SQL Server Database, in an incremental forever manner to public cloud object storage.”

“They also have a unique automated capability to instantly mount backups from the cloud object storage back to on-premises or in the cloud, dramatically reducing our RTO to minutes.”

Costs, Key Capabilities & Benefits

Reduce Backup Infrastructure Costs:

Reduce on-premises storage costs with Actifio’s ability to back up VMware VMs directly to cloud object storage with no on-premises storage. Having an on-premises backup copy is also an option if desired.

Reduce cloud storage costs by storing backups in an incremental forever manner in inexpensive but scalable S3-compatible object storage.

Recover instantly from backups stored on-premises or in cloud object storage.

Reduce DR Costs with One-Click, On-Demand DR Orchestration:

Eliminate on-premises DR infrastructure with on-demand DR in a public cloud such as AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, etc.

Eliminate operational burden with one-click DR orchestration in VMware, AWS, GCP, IBM clouds.

Reduce 24×7 DR costs with instant mount and recovery from object storage; Deliver SSD class performance with intelligent SSD caching during DR.

Accelerate Application Test & Release Cycles with Backup Reuse for Database Clones:

Reuse backups to provision storage-optimized multi-TB database clones in just minutes, thus reducing time and storage needs by up to 20x.

Secure database clones with role-based access control and automated sensitive data masking using DBA-supplied scripts or any masking tool.

Accelerate application test and release cycles with end-to-end automation and CI/CD pipeline integration.

Protect and Recover from Ransomware Attacks:

Actifio software is available as a hardened Linux VM appliance with role-based access controls and immutable backups.

With enforced retention option, even an administrator can not delete the backups.

Instant recovery and parallel instant recoveries from multiple points-in-time enable rapid recoveries from ransomware attacks.

Consume Actifio Software as a Product or as SaaS:

You can consume Actifio as a product via a perpetual license model on-premises or in any public cloud.

You can also consume Actifio software via a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model with subscription licensing in public clouds such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM.

Actifio helps organizations to outperform their peers by becoming truly data driven.