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Resources - IT Priority: Hybrid Cloud

Actifio-Powered Clouds: Delivering Next-Generation Data Protection and DR Services
Learn how Actifio effectively enables powerful new cloud-based service provider delivery models, how Actifio delivers the capability to secure your command of data, how Actifio empowers a strategic risk management plan, and how Actifio benefits enterprises based on time, economics and SLA-based management.
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Actifio Copy Data Virtualization: How It Works
An exploration of our technology, purpose-built to combat the copy data management problem at the core of the enterprise storage explosion.
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Actifio and the Next Data Center Era
Learn how Copy Data Virtualization frees data from physical infrastructure, how Actifio provides organizations greater business resiliency, agility, and access to the cloud, and how Actifio’s Virtual Data Pipeline™ enables you to capture, manage, and use appplication data.
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Actifio: Extending the Value of VMware vSphere Through Copy Data Virtualization
Learn how Actifio Extends the Value of VMware vSphere through Copy Data Virtualization For Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Application Development & Testing.
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Actifio: Extending the Value of Microsoft SQL Through Copy Data Virtualization
Read how Actifio brings a single solution for application development, testing, data management, and protection for Microsoft SQL.
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ESG & Sungard AS Test The World’s Fastest Cloud Disaster Recovery
Steve Duplessie and the ESG lab team discuss how Actifio Sky™ and Actifio Resiliency Director™ are extending Actifio’s lead in Copy Data Virtualization and what happened when they tested these new products in the lab.
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