Hyper-Converged Simplifies Infrastructure, But What About Data?

Lack of application-aware data management

Vendor-specific data movement techniques

Limited data automation or self-service

Actifio Virtualizes and Simplifies Data Management for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Easy to Design and Deploy

Get started quickly with a single workload or use case and expand seamlessly

Data Anywhere

Accelerate business on-premises, or bridge to public cloud

Powerful Data Services

Application aware data capture, management, and use across a wide-range of use cases

hyper converged infrastructure

Key Integrations


Key Features

Validated Solution Designs

Reduce risk and speed deployment wth vendor-authorized reference architectures

Flexible & Scalable Deployment Model

Grow seamlessly from single workload to multi-data center implementation

Multi-Cloud Ready

Leverage on-premises infrastructure as bridge to public clouds

How to Buy

Actifio Sky is priced on the amount of data at source that needs to be managed. It starts at 5 TB minimum and scales to petabytes.

Turn-key Solutions from Partners

Virtual Appliance

AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google & IBM Cloud Marketplaces

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