Taking Your Data and Your Business to the Multi Cloud

hybrid cloud

Leading analysts predict the majority of enterprise workloads will live in the cloud by 2020 and, as a result, enterprise applications will undergo significant transformation over the coming years.  Many businesses are starting with a multi cloud model, extending the scale and capability of their own resources by bursting into a provider’s cloud.

As businesses exploit cloud more broadly, a number of challenges emerge.  As data payloads increase, rapid and efficient data transport within multi clouds is pressured.

At the same time, born in the cloud applications have not yet had access to traditional, enterprise-class levels of data protection and resiliency.

hybrid cloud

Actifio’s data as a service platform was designed in the cloud-era and addresses today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in cloud mobility, including:

  • Protection of cloud-native VMs, delivering advanced data protection in the public, private, or multi cloud
  • Federated workloads with unified management whether applications are in the cloud, on the edge, or in a data center
  • Secure, network-optimized replication delivers efficient data movement, optimizing bandwidth usage by only transferring unique data to the remote data stores
  • SLA-Based Data Management enables sophisticated data capture and data flow across multiple use cases, even across locations.

Enable Data Movement Among Multiple Clouds & Data Centers

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Cloud Data Mobility Use Cases

hybrid cloud

Data Migrations

Enable organizations to manage their data proactively and stage it as required across diverse, distributed infrastructure. The ability to provide secure, network-optimized replication lets Actifio customers efficiently move data wherever it is needed.

hybrid cloud

Cloud Vaulting

Enable data vaulting across diverse infrastructure, including the use of targets in customer-owned data centers and field locations, private or service provider clouds, or public clouds like Amazon.


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