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Become an Actifio Certified Database Administrator.


Special expertise calls for a special certification.

Take the online exam hosted on our certification platform for free.  To become an Actifio Certified DBA you must first must pass the Actifio Practitioner Certification.

Additional exam modules for Actifio Certified DBA provide documented evidence of your knowledge in applying Actifio to the Database types you specialize in managing. These advanced administration topics are covered:

Actifio Certified Oracle Database Administrator

Oracle – Discovery, Protection & Recovery


Actifio Certified SQL Server Database Administrator

SQL – Discovery, Protection & Recovery


It is possible to certify for either or both of these additional topics.  Certification for other databases, such as DB2, MySQL and SAP HANA, will follow.

Enjoy the benefits of being an Actifio certified administrator.

Besides earning a proof of competency, enjoy the following benefits of being an Actifio Certified Administrator.

Up to 25% discount on all future training

Free, early access to training on new products & features

Invitation-only access to specialty webinars & training sessions

Access to Actifio branded merchandise

In order to get started, go to Actifio University on ActifioNOW and register for a certification exam by clicking on the Online Certification link and selecting the relevant Certification.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation with instructions on how to access the online exam.