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Additional Services

Architect Services.

A Professional Services Engineer (PSE) from the Actifio Professional Services team will be assigned to you as an Architect and will work alongside your team for a period that suits your business needs, allowing you to apply their deep Actifio skills and knowledge where you need them.

A service designed specifically to provide Actifio strategy and design skills into existing Actifio implementations.


Best practices applied to your data virtualization strategy, roll-out plans & designs.

Quicker time to value from your investment.

Reduced application development time through near real-time access to physical & virtual copies of data.

Successful data center and cloud migrations.

Thorough and documented review of  your Actifio platform & areas for optimization.

Implementation of latest bestpPractices & innovation to existing Actifio deployments.

Troubleshooting & hands-on skills transfer to shorten deployment times.

Optimization of your Actifio Data Virtualization Platform to meet your latest business & technical needs.

Improved application resiliency.

SLA design & implementation to meet RPOs & RTOs.

Migration & Data Movement Services.

Use Actifio’s Consulting Services Team to manage, migrate and move your data between multiple clouds and company data centers.

The Actifio Consulting Services team is experienced at enabling organizations to use Actifio to manage their data proactively and stage it as required across diverse, distributed infrastructures.

Actifio’s ability to provide secure, network-optimized replication lets makes it the perfect platform for our customers to efficiently manage, move or migrate data wherever it is needed.

The Consulting Services team will guide you on implementing Actifio to provide the secure and reliable data management, migration and movement that your organization needs.

Actifio provides:

Protection of cloud-native VMs, delivering advanced data protection in the public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Federated workloads with unified management whether applications are in the cloud, on the edge, or in a data center.

Secure, network-optimized replication delivers efficient data movement, optimizing bandwidth usage by only transferring unique data to the remote data stores.

SLA-Based Data Management enables sophisticated data capture and data flow across multiple use cases, even across locations.

Platform Optimization Service.

A preventive maintenance service that includes a full health check of your Actifio environment and technical recommendations designed to maintain optimum performance.

Actifio Platform Optimization Service is a short two-week engagement led by a senior Actifio architect. The service includes a detailed health check, a review of your architecture and SLAs, analysis of load and sizing and detail discussion of new capabilities.

We know that your environment is changing constantly and this service is designed to ensure that your Actifio solution is fine-tuned and optimally configured for your current environment.

Stages of Service.

Historic Review: Review of appliances to forecast & plan for your future needs.

Maintenance Check: Review the appliances’ general well-being.

Archtiecture & SLA Review: Check appliances & relevant infrastructure against best practices. Verify SLA & replication policies meet your objectives.

Feature Review: Verify current feature usage.  Demonstrate New features & their application to your business needs.

Recommendation Report Delivery: Comprehensive findings documented & reviewed.

Plan & Deliver Optimization: We deliver optimization, training & skills transfer.

The End Results.

A thorough and documented review of your Actifio platform and areas for optimization.

The implementation of the latest best practices and innovation to your Actifio platform.

Your Actifio administration team, DBAs and other end users trained in the latest features, applied to your environment.

Your Actifio Data Virtualization platform optimized to meet your very latest business and technical needs.

Concierge Service.

A subscription based service that includes a range of activities designed to optimize your Actifio solution to deliver consistently high performance and reliability.

Actifio Concierge Service is a white glove service custom designed to help you maximize your investment in Actifio by successfully delivering business outcomes.

Whether your goal is to improve the success rate of your Disaster Recovery tests or shorten the application development cycle time, our team of experts will work besides you to continuously optimize your Actifio solution.

Services can include but are not limited to full health checks, software upgrades, configuration management, technical training, compliance support and reporting.


Increased innovation.

Improved operational excellence.

Exposure to additional resources, Tools, & collateral.

Shortened time to first value & increasing long term value.

Reduced manual effort required by staff in management & administration of the system.

Improved resources planning through early indicators of resource requirements.

Higher efficiency through implementation of best practices for data management.

High success rate in Backup / DR compliance.

Maximize investment by expanding usage to other use cases.

Residency Service.

Dedicated technical resource to help you manage and optimize your Actifio solution in order to meet your business requirements

Actifio Residency Services offers both short-term and long-term residents to help you augment your team with strong technical expertise in the Actifio platform.

Residency durations can range from three months to a year or longer. Residents may be based on-site, remote onshore or offshore. The service can be customized to meet your operational and budgetary requirements.


Application & Server Discovery & Protection

SLA Design and Implementation to Meet RPOs & RTOs

Actifio Workflow Creation

Troubleshooting and Hands-On Skills Transfer

Daily System Monitoring

Data Restore Requests

Policy Management

Actifio System Maintenance 

Actifio Software Upgrade Management

Report Generation & Monitoring

Job History Review and Remediation