Actifio Concierge Service Overview

Actifio Concierge Service is a white glove service custom designed to help you maximize your investment in Actifio by successfully delivering business outcomes. Whether your goal is to improve the success rate of your Disaster Recovery tests or shorten the application development cycle time, our team of experts will work besides you to continuously optimize your Actifio solution. Services can include but are not limited to full health checks, software upgrades, configuration management, technical training, compliance support and reporting.

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Increased Innovation

Improved Operational Excellence

Exposure to Additional Resources, Tools, & Collateral

Shortened Time to First Value & Increasing Long Term Value

Reduced Manual Effort Required by Staff in Management & Administration of the System

Improved Resources Planning Through Early Indicators of Resource Requirements

Higher Efficiency Through Implementation of Best Practices for Data Management

High Success Rate in Backup / DR Compliance

Maximize Investment by Expanding Usage to Other Use Cases

Additional Services

Implementation Service

Architect Service

Migration and Data Movement Service

Platform Optimization

Residency Service


Download the white paper to learn how Actifio Enterprise Data as a Service works.  It explains how Actifio can meet your needs for:
Faster and higher quality application testing
Faster recoveries and better protection SLAs at a lower cost
Faster adoption of cloud, with the necessary IT controls on data

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