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Virtual Lunch and Learn – Easily Manage Oracle with Pure & Actifio

Improve functionality, time-to-market, and security, while giving DBAs time back!

There are huge challenges with backing up Oracle Very Large Databases (VLDBs).  But even more challenging is creating, updating, securing, and managing multiple copies of these very large databases. It can take days or even weeks to create database clones, requiring massive computing resources and storage consumption, while the time to create database copies can lead to lost productivity and lead to application launch delays.  

Learn how to solve these challenges with Pure Storage and Actifio allowing customers to backup very large databases in minutes, create database clones instantly, consume minimal storage, copy FlashArray snapshots to FlashBlade for short-term retention, and to public cloud Object Storage for long term retention while still providing instant access to create database clones. 

To make this a true lunch event, we’ll send a link to a $25 Uber Eats card so you can have lunch delivered to your home or office before we begin. 

Space is limited. Register today!

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