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Protecting businesses from the effects and impacts of Ransomware

Event Timings:

CET: 15:00 – 16:00

GMT: 14:00 – 15:00 

ET: 09:00 – 10:00

There is a significant, and increasing, risk of co-ordinated groups using sophisticated techniques to maliciously encrypt and prevent access to organisational critical data.

Examples include headline making attacks against the NHS in the UK (WannaCry – 2017), and more recently attacks against US government including Pensacola, Florida, Jackson County, Georgia and Louisiana state (2019). Overall more than 70 cities have been hit by ransomware in 2019. The costs incurred by these institutions is often huge, with Atlanta paying $2.6MM to restore its systems after an attack in 2018.

 Beyond the immediate, financial costs there are the associated impacts on services, reputation, time and opportunity costs. For some industries the effect could include risk to life, as with the NHS attack in 2017 where emergency patients had to be relocated for treatment. 

In these cases, the initial disruption due to the malware was significant and the traditional methods of recovering data are slow. In addition, these ransomware attacks actively target backups and stored data to prevent or impede attempts to circumvent the attack.

Actifio provides the ability to use storage resources that are air-gapped from the production network while still providing rapid access to verifiably copies of data for rapid recovery and resumption of services. This reduces the risk to your business, your customers and your reputation. 

Key Takeaways 

·      Protect businesses and infrastructure from ransomware

·      Protect against accidental or malicious data corruption

·      Provide rapid access to known good data

Format: 45 minute presentation, 15 minute live audience Q&A


Adam Spindler

Adam Spindler
Solutions Architect

Adam is an IT infrastructure architect with hands on experience of implementing and managing large scale IT infrastructures in Fortune 500 companies. He has developed IT strategy and policies to align with business needs for a range of organisations in the private and public sectors who are reliant on high performance infrastructures to deliver their strategic business objectives. In addition to this Adam has delivered robust, innovative and creative IT solutions within tight budgetary and time constraints and as part of this has gained extensive experience of managing suppliers and outsourced IT services to service providers. Adam has recently concluded an assignment for a large UK public sector organisation to deliver a business case for a new IT architecture that operates to the most stringent security requirements.

Victoria Guilloit

Victoria Guilloit

Victoria has 20 years cross-sector experience in information security and data privacy including investment banking, consumer goods, retail, and government. As a trusted advisor to organisations such as Unilever, the John Lewis Partnership and Schroders, she drives behavioural change by developing strong networks across complex environments, and embeds processes and practices that work for the people who need to use them.

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