Large & Diverse Workloads are Hard to Backup and Recover

Extended File System & Database Backup windows in VMs, Physical & Cloud Environments Impact Production Performance

Instant Recovery for Virtual Machines is Not Scalable and No Push-Button Orchestrated Disaster Recovery

 No ‘Scalable’ Instant Recovery for Databases, NAS Backups, Large File Systems From Physical Servers or in the Cloud

Long Term Retention is Expensive with DeDuplication Appliances, Cumbersome with Tapes, and Lacks Instant Access from Object Storage

Actifio’s Solution for Backup & IT Managers: Sky Standard & Sky Advanced

Rapid incremental forever backup and scalable instant recovery solution for Database, NAS and File workloads in VMs, Physical Machines and in the Cloud

enterprise backup and recovery

Capture app consistent data with incremental forever backups for everything

Store data in native application format as gold copy on any storage, cloud, and object storage

Scalable instant recovery for all workloads, and one click DR orchestration for VMware

Key Features

‘Scalable’ Instant Recovery for Databases

Instant recovery of 100+ TB Oracle, MS SQL, DB2 and other enterprise databases in VMs, physical servers, or cloud

‘Scalable’ Instant Recovery for VMs

Instantly mount and recover virtual machines from large VM farms

DR Orchestration

1 Click DR using Actifio Resiliency Director orchestrates automated DR of large VMware farm

Incremental Forever Backup

Capture application consistent data with incremental forever backups for databases, NAS file systems and VM farms

Long Term Data Retention

Store data in any storage using Actifio software deduplication. Also store data in object storage in native application format and get instant access from backup images that are days or decades old

Application Consistent

Data is captured with application consistency using native APIs such as Oracle RMAN for Oracle, VSS APIs for Microsoft SQL, VADP for VMware

Cloud & Storage Independent

Replicate to, and recover in any cloud such as AWS, Azure, Oracle cloud. Store backup images in any storage and S3 compatible object storage

Flexible RTO, RPO, Retention


Flexible architecture to recover mission critical apps in minutes, and low priority apps from deduplication in hours


Recovery optimized replication enables low 1 hour RPO, and bandwidth optimized deduplication replication enables up to 24 hour RPO. 15 min RPOs are possible for databases with transaction log capture and replication


SLAs allow retention for days, weeks or months using deduplication or years & decades using object storage

Solution Details


        Actifio for Oracle

  1. Incremental backup forever using Oracle RMAN change block tracking (CBT), parallel backup streams from multiple nodes in RAC environments reduce backup window and impact on production by up to 10x
  2. Application consistent backups using Oracle RMAN APIs
  3. Scalable Instant Recovery even for 100+ TB sized databases is possible because of Actifio data virtualization technology. Advanced integration with ASM Switch and Rebalance enables zero downtime after failover.

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        Actifio for Windows & Linux

  1. Incremental backup forever using Actifio proprietary change block tracking (CBT) reduce backup window and impact on production by up to 10x
  2. Application consistent backups using Microsoft VSS APIs for MS SQL & Exchange, native DB APIs for other databases like DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc
  3. Scalable Instant Recovery even for multi TB sized databases is possible because of Actifio data virtualization technology.
Backup as a Service

        Actifio for VMware

  1. Incremental forever backup using VMware API for Data Protection (VADP).
  2. Application consistent backups using VSS via VADP
  3. Scalable instant recovery of virtual machine of all sizes.  Can migrate recovery volumes transparently via VMware Storage vMotion.

        Actifio for Cloud

  1. Flexibility with multiple cloud options like AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google and IBM Bluemix.
  2. For workloads that are already in cloud, protect in one region and replicate to another region for on-demand instant recoveries with low RPO & RTO
  3. For on-premise workloads, replicate to cloud for on-demand instant recoveries with low RPO and RTO
  4. For long term data retention, replicate data directly to AWS S3, AWS S3 IAS, Azure blob, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Google Nearline

        Actifio for NAS

  1. Incremental backup forever using Actifio integration with NetApp and Isilon NAS filers eliminates file system crawl and delivers efficient & fast backups
  2. Filesystem consistent backups using native NAS filer APIs
  3. Scalable Instant Access even for folders with millions of files

How to Buy

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AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google & IBM Cloud Marketplaces

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Download the white paper to learn how Actifio Enterprise Data as a Service works.  It explains how Actifio can meet your needs for:
Faster and higher quality application testing
Faster recoveries and better protection SLAs at a lower cost
Faster adoption of cloud, with the necessary IT controls on data

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