Can’t Leverage Cloud Fast Enough

Too Much Time & Money Spent on Backup & Disaster Recovery

Too Much Time to Provision Data for DevOps On-Premises

Existing Tools Lock You Into Storage & Cloud Platforms

Can’t Replicate to the Cloud Fast Enough

Actifio Sky for IBM Cloud

 Recover Multi-Terabyte Databases In Minutes

Recover 1000’s of Virtual Machines with Disaster Recovery Orchestration

Provision Space-Optimized Virtual Database Clones Instantly for DevOps Teams

Capture Application Consistent Data with Incremental Forever Backup

Replicate Data From On-Premises Datacenter to IBM Cloud

Store Data in IBM Cloud Object Storage for Long-Term Data Retention

How It Works

Actifio Sky software is deployed on-premises either as a virtual or physical appliance. It’s deployed as a virtual machine appliance in IBM Cloud.

Capture: Incremental forever and database consistent backups by integrating with APIs such as RMAN for Oracle, VSS for MS SQL, VADP for VMWare

Store: Store backup data in its native application format (Gold Copy) on any storage. Based on SLAs, Actifio Sky manages the lifecycle of data.  

Replicate: Actifio Sky has three ways to replicate data into the IBM Cloud.

  1. For  long term data retention, Actifio Sky replicates data directly to IBM Cloud ObjectStorage.
  2. For medium RTO in IBM Cloud, Actifio Sky replicates deduplicated data to IBM Cloud optimizing network utilization.
  3. For low RPO and instant recovery in IBM Cloud, Actifio Sky replicates data in native application format.

Recover on-demand: Actifio Sky running in IBM Cloud can be used to recover multi terabyte databases instantly. For large VMware farms, Actifio Resiliency Director can orchestrate 1-click DR for 1000s of virtual machines using on-demand baremetal ESX servers in IBM Cloud.

Clone on-demand: Actifio Sky re-uses data stored in IBM Cloud for DR purposes to also provision multiple space efficient virtual database clones for Test / Dev, DevOps, and Data Scientists.

How to Buy

Actifio Sky is priced on the amount of data at source that needs to be managed. It starts at 5 TB minimum and scales to Petabytes.

Turn-key Solutions from Partners

Virtual Appliance

IBM Cloud

Actifio Big Database Solution Built on IBM

Actifio developed the Big Database Solution to meet the needs of today’s database administrators, developers, application owners, and DevOps teams.  The solution, built on IBM Storage, enables instant creation of virtual database clones while using virtually no additional storage capacity.  These copies can be used to accelerate application development or for instant rollback/recovery from an unexpected outage.  And, virtual copies can be presented locally, in a remote data center, or in IBM Cloud or any cloud for ultimate flexibility.  See Actifio on the IBM Partnerworld directory

Download the Solution Brief

actifio for IBM


Download the white paper to learn how Actifio Enterprise Data as a Service works.  It explains how Actifio can meet your needs for:
Faster and higher quality application testing
Faster recoveries and better protection SLAs at a lower cost
Faster adoption of cloud, with the necessary IT controls on data

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