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Actifio Data Driven 2019


InterContinental Hotel
Boston, MA

June 18-19, 2019

Actifio Data Driven 2019 will bring together industry thought leaders and solution experts to discuss how to innovate and transform business around data — on-premises, in the cloud, always-on.


Actifio helps organizations to outperform their peers by becoming truly data driven.


Speakers, presenters and panelists from


Day 1 – June 18th

8:30am Fireside Chat Opening & Welcome to Data Driven! Digital Transformation in Government – How Massachusetts is fostering innovation, transforming vital services, and building a data driven government. Brian Reagan, CMO, Actifio Holly St. Clair, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Data Officer, Executive Office of Technology Services and Security, State of Massachusetts
9:00am Keynote Multiplied Innovation: Scaling a Technology Revolution Frank Gens, SVP & Chief Analyst at IDC
11:00am Modernizing IT to Unlock Data Capital – Organizations are seeing significant increases in customer satisfaction and new ways to differentiate their business by transforming their data management strategy. In this session we’ll discuss IT modernization and its role in unlocking data capital and look at organizations of all sizes who have succeeded in this effort. Michelle Rock, Global Director of Storage Marketing, Dell Technologies
11:45am Lunch/Networking
1:15pm Bridging the Gap from Data to AI Alyse Daghelian, Worldwide VP Sales, Data and AI, IBM Danilo Novelli, Worldwide VP of Sales, Unified Governance & Integration, IBM
2:00pm Making Big Bets on Online Gaming Greg Karamitis, SVP of Fantasy Sports, DraftKings
3:00pm Panel Innovating Insurance for the Digital Age Panelists from: Farmers Mutual Group Barmenia Electric Insurance Moderated by Conrad Meneide, Executive Director, Aetna
3:45pm Panel Shape Up Your Data in the Cloud Panelists from: Yee-chen Tjie, Head of New England Customer Engineering, Google Jim Donovan, SVP of Product, Wasabi Phil Buckellew, General Manager, IBM Cloud Moderated by Archana Venkatraman – Research Manager, IDC
4:30pm Beating the Odds by Doubling Down on Data Jon Hirschtick – Co-founder and CEO Onshape and former member of the infamous MIT Blackjack Team (featured in best-selling novel Bringing Down the House)
6:30pm Evening Festivities + Musical Guest
7:00am Breakfast
8:30am Opening & Welcome to Data Driven!
9:45am 10:15am Masking, it’s Not Just for Halloween AnymoreAttend this session to learn how you can deliver automated data masking using Actifio’s native workflow technology. The session will include a demo which will show how you can use simple SQL masking without masking software and how to leverage IBM Optim for advanced masking use cases.
10:30am 11:00am Get Your Head Into the Clouds with Automated Disaster Recovery – Ever wonder about whether you can use Google Cloud for DR when running on-premises? Wonder no longer, in this session, you will gain insights into how you can move workloads from on-premises to Google Cloud for DR purposes. The session will include a demonstration of system state recovery automatically converting an on-premises VM to Google Compute instance.
11:15am 11:45pm Don’t Object to Object Storage – Object storage is hot and Actifio helps overcome objections! In this session, you will see how Actifio can leverage object storage for cost effective long-term retention. It will also highlight the ability to instantly recover databases and VMs stored in object storage in minutes without costly data movement. All of this will be demonstrated during the session!
2:00pm 2:30pm Technical Deep Dive: Actifio and OracleAttend this session to see how Actifio integrates with Oracle to deliver RMAN integrated protection with incremental forever data capture. The session will also highlight how Actifio can provide instant access to Oracle databases in minutes regardless of size for recovery or DevOps purposes. It will include a live demo and will discuss Actifio’s Exadata Optimized Certification.
2:45pm 3:15pm Technical Deep Dive: Actifio and SQL Server – Attend this session to see how Actifio integrates with SQL Server and VSS to deliver integrated protection with incremental forever data capture. The session will also highlight how Actifio can provide instant access to SQL Server databases in minutes regardless of size for recovery or DevOps purposes. It will include a live demo.
10:30am What Has Your Backup Done for You Lately? – While Moore’s Law is attributed with the acceleration of compute, capacity and technology, backup hasn’t changed in 30 years. How do we keep up with ever changing risks of information management? Learn how to backup once and leverage it many times – for dev ops, disaster recovery and information management.
11:00am Application Modernization and the Ladder to AI – IBM Technical Session – The game changing potential of AI is undeniable. For enterprises that are transforming to take advantage of AI and analytics, they need a trusted foundation of business ready data and a comprehensive, modern approach to development and testing to deliver the apps and models needed to drive success. IBM Unified Governance & Integration capabilities provide that foundation for transformation.
2:30pm Abilene Christian U. Majors in SaaS and Graduates to the Cloud – Attend this session to learn how Abilene Christian University embraced and implemented a SaaS first strategy and are moving to a next generation cloud-centric backup architecture. In the session, you will gain insights into the lessons they have learned along the way including perspectives on selecting an object storage solution for data retention.
3:00pm Santee Cooper Powers Next Generation Data ManagementSantee Cooper is the largest public power utility in South Carolina powering over 2,000,000 customers across 46 counties. Operating in a highly regulated industry, Santee Cooper takes a different perspective data availability and management. In this session, the utility will share insights on how they architected an advanced data management solution to ensure data availability and enable DevOps initiatives.
3:30pm SEI Investments Invests in Large Scale to Deliver Increasing Results – SEI Investments is a leading global provider of outsourced asset management, investment processing, and investment operations solutions for corporations, financial institutions, financial advisors, and affluent families who create and manage wealth. DevOps is critical to enable SEI to deliver compelling applications on-time and on-budget. In this session, you will learn how the company was enabled DevOps database cloning at scale for over 1,400 developers for Oracle and SQL databases.
10:30am Bose Rocks On with Actifio for Cloud Data Protection – For Bose, a world-leading audio manufacturing firm, cloud native backup and recovery solutions presented challenges for running multi-TB workloads for packaged ERP solutions like SAP, driving significant cost and time to recover. Driven by the need to overcome these limitations in the cloud, to ensure the commitment towards already established business continuity and resiliency SLA’s, it was imperative for Bose to find and implement a creative solution. In this fireside chat, we’ll discuss how Bose was able to achieve on-premises backup, recovery, and refresh SLAs for SAP in AWS.
11:00am Canada’s Largest Pharmaceutical Cures its Data Center Ailments with ActifioFor this Canadian pharmaceutical company, application downtime is unacceptable. Applications need to be running, data needs to be protected, and recovery must be lightning quick. Their existing solution could not meet their high standards, so they needed a “disruptor” to modernize their processes. In this fireside chat, learn how this company significantly reduced backup, recovery, and DevOps provisioning times for mission critical applications running on Oracle, SAP HANA, VMware and more by standardizing on Actifio.
2:30pm Brinks Secures its Data Management Modernization with ActifioBrinks, the world’s largest cash management company, needed to change its IT culture to become more agile and flexible for backup, DevOps, and cloud. Its legacy infrastructure caused long backup times, hindered Oracle DB refresh times, and significantly lengthened the application lifecycle process. In this fireside chat, learn why Brinks chose Actifio to drive its data management modernization strategy, and how Actifio helped them achieve tremendous improvements in backup, DB refresh, and cloud adoption.
3:00pm Spectrum Health Centralizes Backup & Recovery with Actifio – Spectrum Health, an industry leader in addiction health services, struggled mightily with disparate VM backup and recovery systems spread across multiple divisions within the company. They needed a single pane-of-glass solution that could support their heterogeneous VMware and Hyper-V environments. Enter Actifio. In this chat, learn how Spectrum Health centralized their backup and recovery environment as well as some tips & tricks for working with Hyper-V environments.
3:30pm Why SAP Chose Actifio for SAP HANA Multi-Cloud Data Protection & DevOps – Innovation is at the heart of how SAP continues to grow its business and influence new technology adoption. Key to this strategy is their SAP HANA cloud offering. As customers begin using this new technology, it’s critical that SAP has a sound backup & recovery solution to ensure uptime for mission-critical workloads. In this session, hear from SAP why they chose Actifio to protect their HANA cloud offering as well as enable cloud-based DevOps for enhanced business value.

Day 2 – June 19th

8:30am Fireside Chat Perspective on the Data Driven Future Ash Ashutosh, CEO and Founder, Actifio Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst, ESG
9:00am Fireside Chat How a Global Airline Takes Off with Next Generation Data Protection Ash Ashutosh, CEO and Founder, Actifio Rene Lopez, Managing Director of Infrastructure, Delta Air Lines
9:30am Panel Data Fuels Transportation Joe Janhonen, Database Delivery Architect, Navitaire Rene Lopez, Managing Director of Infrastructure, Delta Air Lines Moderated by Lowell Schulman, Managing VP, Gartner
10:30am Fireside Chat And…Action! WarnerMedia Utilizes Data to Hollywood Paradigms Matthew Marolda, President, Applied Analytics, WarnerMedia Brian Reagan, CMO, Actifio
11:15am Keynote Digital Transformation With Google Cloud Michael Clark, Managing Director Google Cloud East
11:45am Lunch/Networking
1:15pm Keynote Trends in FinTech: Blue Chip Bank Compounds Interest with Data Innovation Don Callahan, former Global Head of Operations and Technology, Citi
2:00pm Panel Digital Transformation and the Future of Financial Services Rene Rodriguez, Backup Manager Stewart Leber, Engineering Manager, National Australia Bank Moderated by Andy Thurai, Cloud Strategist
3:00pm Panel Learning as a Service: New Era of Education Michael Tavares, System and Database Administrator Mathworks Alex Ferguson, Systems Administrator, ASU Moderated by Jim Chilton, CIO, Cengage
4:15pm Panel Feed your Appetite for Data Scott Braun, CMO, Drizly David Meiselman, CMO EzCater Jeremy Halpern, Partner Nutter Moderated by Brian Reagan, CMO, Actifio
5:15 pm Closing Remarks Brian Reagan, CMO, Actifio
7:00am Breakfast
9:45am 10:30am Technical Deep Dive: Actifio and SAP HANAAttend this session to see how to learn about Actifio’s advanced integration with SAP HANA. The session will review the two HANA protection options: Snapshot integration which delivers incremental forever data capture and hdbsql which relies on a traditional full and incremental protection model. The session will include live demos including showing how you can recover a SAP HANA database in minutes with Actifio’s snapshot protection technology.
10:45am 11:15pm Snap To It with Actifio’s New Array Snapshot AutomationAttend this session to learn about Actifio’s new external array snapshot automation technology. The session will discuss how the solution delivers application integration, automated orchestration and snapshot lifecycle management. It will also highlight Actifio’s unique ability to not only manage snapshots on a production array but also a separate external array.
11:30pm 12:00pm Implementing Your DR Plan Does Not Need to be a DisasterMany companies struggle with disaster recovery. Not only is it difficult to implement a plan, but frequent testing is a must. This session will discuss the common challenges with DR and how Actifio’s technology enables automated DR at scale either locally or in the cloud. The session will also include a live demo.
2:15pm 2:45pm Get the Easy Button for Reporting – This session will review the powerful and flexible reporting options available in Actifio Report Manager and the Actifio API. It will include a live demo and show you how you can leverage the tool to gain new insights into your environment.
5:00pm Closing Remarks
10:45am Protecting Multi-Tenant Data in a Hybrid Database Environment – Attend this session to learn how Novantas embraced Actifio and other technology to deploy a data replication solution protecting Multi-Tennant SaaS applications in a Hybrid Database Environment. In this session, you will gain insights into lessons they’ve learned and processes and procedures they’ve put in place to protect MS SQL Server, Oracle, VMWare and Hadoop technology and ensure they deliver to client SLAs and meet RPO/RTO objectives.
1:15PM ISM invests in private and redefines multi-site data protection and DR – Attend this session to learn how ISM Canada has implemented a next generation data protection and disaster recovery to protect their Nutanix powered private cloud. In the session, you will gain insights into how ISM automated backup and DR for their private cloud initiative, and transparently expanded operations to include 5 more locations.
2:00pm DevOps – Getting Cloudy with Actifio – Using lean and agile practices, DevOps shortens system development life cycles while delivering features, fixes and updates that are aligned with business goals. There are plenty of DevOps tools out there to help you push out code, experiment and learn — all in the cloud. During this 45-minute presentation, you will learn: How using DevOps methodology, cloud technology, and Actifio can help your organization About the role that DevOps culture plays How to start building the cloud environments you need How to take the fear out of using databases Scott Mabe is a DevOps/Cloud Solutions Engineer with Onix. He will cover these topics and answer any questions you may have.
3:00pm Leveraging Public Cloud Object Storage For Cost-Effective Backup & Recovery with Wasabi – Public cloud object storage (such as services from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Wasabi) is increasingly being used as part of enterprise backup and recovery strategies. This session will describe and differentiate the public cloud object storage services that are available today and how to leverage these services with Actifio as part of cost-effective, highly-performant, and protected backup and recovery solution.
9:45am Application Modernization and the Ladder to AI – IBM Technical Session – The game changing potential of AI is undeniable. For enterprises that are transforming to take advantage of AI and analytics, they need a trusted foundation of business ready data and a comprehensive, modern approach to development and testing to deliver the apps and models needed to drive success. IBM Unified Governance & Integration capabilities provide that foundation for transformation.
10:30am If You Think Object Storage is Only Good for Archiving and Content Repositories, Think Again.In this session you will learn about powerful and flexible features of IBM Cloud Object Storage and how you can leverage them to improve time-to-market, reduce cost, and get access to cloud for enterprise data management solutions
11:15am Benchmark with IBM VDP and IBM COS in IBM Cloud – In this session, ESG will present:
  1. How fast can you clone 5 copies of a 50 TB Oracle DB using IBM VDP?
  2. What kind of savings can you realize if you were to provision those 5 clones straight from IBM COS?
  3. How fast can queries be executed using these clones for 80 Million rows?
2:05pm Google Cloud, Your Data Destination – Join the Google Cloud technical session to learn more about the data protection architecture and Actifio’s solution with GCP
2:55pm #GetSaaSy with Actifio GO Multi-Cloud Copy Data Management as-a-Service – Enterprises are rapidly adopting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology to increase efficiency and reduce costs. ActifioGO enables Enterprises to utilize SaaS for backup and recovery of VMware VMs and core databases to any public cloud. Enterprises can eliminate on-premises backup storage, reduce operational burden by 50%, and take advantage of the scalability and TCO benefits of cloud object storage. Attend this session to learn all about Actifio GO and how it can help your organization.
4:00PM MathWorks Solves the Test Data Formula with Actifio – MathWorks, a major education software company specializing in mathematical computing software, has a very robust dev/test environment for its product releases. This environment consists of multiple instances of SQL and MySQL which need to be refreshed frequently. Their current solution was slow and really hindered the application lifecycle process. In this chat, learn more about their environment, their challenges, and how Actifio saved the day!

Speaker Biographies

Founder & CEO, Actifio

Ash Ashutosh

Ash Ashutosh brings more than 25 years of storage industry and entrepreneurship experience to his role of CEO at Actifio. Ashutosh is a recognized leader and architect in the storage industry where he has spearheaded several major industry initiatives, including iSCSI and storage virtualization, and led the authoring of numerous storage industry standards.

Ashutosh was most recently a Partner with Greylock Partners where he focused on making investments in enterprise IT companies. Prior to Greylock, he was Vice President and Chief Technologist for HP Storage.

Chief Marketing Officer, Actifio

Brian Reagan

As Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Reagan brings more than 20 years experience accelerating growth for storage and data management organizations.   

He was most recently the CTO of the Resiliency Services division at IBM Corporation, responsible for the technology strategy, R&D, solution engineering, and application development for all global offerings including cloud services.

U.S. East Region Managing Director, Google Cloud

Michael Clark

Joining the Google Cloud Americas leadership team in 2018, Michael Clark serves as the U.S. East Region Managing Director for Google Cloud. In this capacity, Michael is responsible for delivering customer and shareholder value with a diverse team of field sales representatives, customer engineers, and solution architects.

Prior to joining Google Cloud, Michael spent twenty years at Microsoft where he held a number of senior leadership roles focused on Corporate and Enterprise customers, including West Region Vice President and Vice President, US Small, Medium, and Corporate. Born and raised on the East Coast, Michael is excited to return to the Washington DC area.

Chief Digital Officer and Chief Data Officer, Executive Office of Technology Services and Security, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Holly St. Clair

Holly St. Clair is the Chief Data Officer and Chief Digital Officer at the Massachusetts Executive Office of Technology Services and Security. She oversees the Digital Services Office, whose mission it is to leverage the best technology and information to ensure that every interaction with our government is faster, easier, more meaningful, and wicked awesome.

She has a proven history of using data and technology in innovative ways that help people and their government interact to achieve better outcomes. Prior to joining the Commonwealth, Holly pioneered the use of advanced decision support tools in metropolitan Boston, managing a variety of projects that use scenarios modeling, 3-D environments, community indicators, and innovative meeting formats to engage stakeholders in dialogue about policy choices.

Global Director of Storage Marketing, Dell Technologies

Michelle Rock

Michelle Rock has over 20 years of experience leading global B2B marketing teams across media and technology companies. Ms. Rock has been with Dell EMC for ten years and previously led the Americas and EMEA Storage & Data Protection marketing teams. In this capacity she has worked with clients from around the world to innovate and implement their data management strategy.

In her current role she is responsible for all go-to-market activities related to Dell’s OEM & IoT Storage Solutions. She has had extended professional engagements in London, Paris, Madrid & Tokyo and received an Bachelor’s Degree from Bentley University and a Masters in Business from Emory University.

Senior Vice President & Chief Analyst, IDC

Frank Gens

As IDC’s Senior Vice President & Chief Analyst, Frank Gens guides IDC’s research into broad IT industry trends, particularly the strategic adoption of technology by Global 2000 businesses and the industries in which they compete.

Since 2008, Mr. Gens has led IDC’s global cloud research team, driving the development of IDC’s widely-used cloud services taxonomy, and the industry’s first and most accurate forecast of cloud services adoption. He has also led the development of IDC’s “3rd Platform” scenario – forecasting the transformation of the IT industry (and other industries) through the strategic use of cloud, mobile, social and big data technologies.

Managing VP, Gartner

Lowell Shulman

Lowell Shulman is the Managing Vice President for the Data Center Infrastructure and Management team within Gartner’s Technology & Service Provider Data Center research group.

Mr. Shulman is responsible for managing global analysts that explore server, storage and integrated systems technology trends and disruptors for on-premises and cloud infrastructure. The team provides focused insights and advise to product strategy and product management teams as well as go-to-market plan guidance.

Founder and Senior Analyst, ESG

Steve Duplessie

Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst at ESG, is an internationally recognized expert in IT infrastructure technologies and markets. An acclaimed speaker and author, Steve’s insights have been featured in Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, The Financial Times, USA Today, China Daily, The Moscow Times, and many other print and online publications.

Steve is a valued strategic advisor to many of the largest technology providers in the world, including IBM, HP, Dell, EMC, NetApp, HDS, Google, Amazon, Puppet, and other global IT organizations.

Research Manager, IDC

Archana Venkatraman

Archana Venkatraman is a research manager for IDC’s European Datacenter Research. She covers datacenter technologies including software-defined infrastructures, storage and data management, virtualization, containers, hyperconverged infrastructure, infrastructure performance monitoring, systems management, application development, and cloud services.

Chief Marketing Officer, Drizly

Scott Braun

Scott Braun brings over 20 years of experience in consumer marketing with a long track record of translating consumer behaviors and preferences into strong, actionable marketing programs. Braun served as Global Marketing Director for Proctor & Gamble owned Gillette, where he led a team focused on new product innovation and marketing for the company’s emerging market razor portfolio.

As Vice President, Marketing at Vistaprint he was integral to the company’s drive to become more consumer centric, leading both physical and digital product. He most recently served as CMO at Auto Europe Group, restructuring the marketing team and elevating the brand’s positioning, leading to rapid growth.

Chief Marketing Officer, ezCater

David Meiselman

David has spent 25 years building awareness and driving demand for innovative technology products. Most recently, he was VP of Digital Marketing and Demand Generation at Actifio, during a period of tremendous growth for the company.

He has built award-winning marketing teams at four technology companies. At The Hanover, he developed web and social media strategies for the $5 billion insurance company. At Transparent Language, David built an online community of over 4 million language learners. David is a frequent participant in Boston-area marketing events and has lectured on web and social strategies at Clark University and David has a BA and an MA from Johns Hopkins University.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Onshape

Jon Hirschtick

Jon is a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Onshape. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from MIT where he majored in Mechanical Engineering, and has worked in CAD for over 35 years. Jon was previously a Founder and CEO of SOLIDWORKS, a group executive at Dassault Systemes, Director of Engineering at Computervision, Manager at the MIT CADLab, a player and instructor on the MIT Blackjack team, and a professional magician. He serves on the Engineering Advisory Board at Boston University and as an advisor to Magic Leap, Inc. and MarkForged, Inc.

Chief Analytics Officer, Legendary Entertainment

Matthew Marolda

Matthew Marolda is Chief Analytics Officer at Legendary Entertainment. He formed and runs Legendary’s Applied Analytics division, which uses data and analytics to drive strategic decisions across all aspects of the company.

Prior to Legendary, Mr. Marolda founded StratBridge LLC in 1999. StratBridge had two software solutions businesses: “moneyball” player analysis software used by many organizations in the NFL, NBA, European Football and Major League Soccer (sold to XOS Digital in 2012), and dynamic pricing and revenue analysis software used by many professional sports teams (acquired by Legendary in 2014, after Mr. Marolda had joined Legendary).

Partner & Co-Chair, Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP

Jeremy Halpern

Jeremy Halpern is a partner and co-chairs Nutter’s Emerging Companies Group. Jeremy also co-leads the firm’s Food and Beverage group. Jeremy’s practice focuses on emerging companies, private equity, venture capital and angel financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, commercial transactions, executive and team compensation matters, and general startup support for high growth companies in technology, life sciences, and the food and beverage industry.

Jeremy is the director and former executive chairman of The Capital Network, which provides education, resources, and community to high growth entrepreneurs and angel investors as they navigate the early stage capital process. He serves as a mentor at MassChallenge and continues to serve as a judge, coach, speaker, or advisor for entrepreneurs at Commonwealth Kitchen, LearnLaunch, HackingMedicine, HackingPediatrics, the Mass Tech Transfer Center, the Mass Life Science Center, and Startup Institute.

Previously, Jeremy served as the managing director of Edible Ventures, an angel group investing in food and beverage brands, and on the board and Investment Committee of MassVentures, an early stage venture capital fund geared toward technology companies in Massachusetts. Jeremy taught entrepreneurial leadership at Tufts University for nine years and co-founded a company in the mobile technology synchronization space. He earned his J.D. from UCLA School of Law and his B.A., summa cum laude, from UC Berkeley.

Former CIO, Citigroup

Don Callahan

Daniel Hughes Callahan is on the board of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. and American Red Cross in Greater New York and Chairman for Sheltered Harbor and Chairman of Manhattanville College.

He previously was Chief Operations & Technology Officer at Citigroup, Inc. and Chief Operating Officer for Citigroup Alternative Investments LLC (a subsidiary of Citigroup, Inc.), Global Head-Marketing at Morgan Stanley, Strategy Director at IBM Japan Ltd. and Managing Director & Head-Marketing Strategy at Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC (Broker).

Daniel Hughes Callahan received an undergraduate degree from Manhattanville College and a graduate degree from the University of Oxford.

Managing Director of Infrastructure and Hosting Operations, Delta Air Lines

René López

René López is an energetic and passionate IT executive who serves as Managing Director of Infrastructure and Hosting Operations at Delta Air Lines. René has over 20 years of experience designing, managing and supporting complex global Fortune 500 infrastructures.

He is responsible for defining Delta’s s long-term Infrastructure technology strategy and vision.

Product Manager – InfoSphere Optim solutions & Virtual Data Pipeline, IBM

Banele Levin

Banele Levin is a Product Manager for IBM’s InfoSphere Optim solutions and Virtual Data Pipeline. He works with customers, account teams, product marketing and development to bring to market leading data archiving and test data management capabilities.

With over 15 years’ experience delivering technology solutions in the Financial Services industry, Banele understands the challenges related to governing and enabling trusted use of data across the enterprise. Banele holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and an MBA in General Management from ESADE, Barcelona.

Global Sales Vice President – Data and AI, IBM

Alyse Daghelian

Alyse Daghelian is the Global Sales Vice President of the IBM Data and AI business responsible for all revenue and profit for a large multi-billion dollar business across 140 countries and all industries. Ms. Daghelian works extensively with clients to drive new business models to improve profitability, client success and differentiation in the market.

Data and AI are at the core of that transformation. Ms. Daghelian joined IBM’s Systems Group in 1989 as a software engineer in Poughkeepsie, New York and held a number of senior programming and management positions before moving to IBM’s Software group in 2002. Starting then and up until now, she has been deeply engaged in the data and AI business by leading development teams, software architect teams, and for the last 10+ years, leading the global sales division, acquiring new businesses and technology as clients transition to a data driven era.

Global Vice President –  WW Unified Governance and Integration, IBM

Danillo Novelli

Danilo Novelli is the Global Vice President for WW Unified Governance and Integration within the Data and AI division of IBM Hybrid Cloud. In his role he has executive responsibility for the overall sales of IBM InfoSphere, Optim, StoredIQ and Master Data Management solutions. Danilo is a computer science major with over 30 years of experience in the Information Management space, having worked in technical, consulting and sales capacities.

He came to IBM in 2001 with the acquisition of Informix Software, Inc. While at IBM Danilo has held key sales positions, ranging from geographical assignments in Latin America, Europe and the United States to WW responsibilities, including contributions in acquisitions such as Informix, Princeton Softech and Initiate.

Director of Unified Governance & Integration Offering Management, IBM

Charlie Kwon

Charlie Kwon is Director of IBM Unified Governance & Integration Offering Management. Charlie works with customers to help them “Know Your Data, Trust Your Data, Use Your Data” to improve top & bottom line results while reducing risks related to regulatory & compliance challenges.

Responsibilities include leadership of a portfolio of products/offerings that span the data governance and data management landscape, with a special focus on governance across structured & unstructured data, master data management and application modernization. Includes on premises, private cloud and public cloud offerings.

Learn first-hand from experts as they discuss how data can be used strategically.

Actifio Data Driven 2019 will showcase the latest thinking in unlocking the strategic value of data in the enterprise.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with a vibrant, global community, attend keynote sessions, participate in hands-on demonstrations, access executive roundtables and hold 1:1 meetings.

Accelerate DevOps and continuous development Initiatives.

Incorporate analytics into daily business and set stage for AI.

Modernize and strengthen security, governance, and compliance.

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Make Sure You’re in the Driver’s Seat

InterContinental Hotel, Boston, MA – June 18 -19, 2019

Watch the Data Driven 2018 Keynote Presentation:

Major League Data with Brian Shields, Boston Red Sox CIO


Why Attend?

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Data is disrupting business models, and fundamentally altering competitive landscapes. Are you ready for the change? Do you have the strategy and technology to adapt, modernize, and thrive in this new world?

Actifio Data Driven 2019 will bring together industry thought leaders and solution experts to discuss how to innovate and transform business around data — on-premises, in the cloud, always-on.

Elite Networking

Meet with fellow data management professionals from top tier companies around the globe.

Learning Opportunities

Enjoy an exciting mix of industry panels, how-to sessions on cloud and DevOps, and keynote presentations from industry pioneers

Thought Leadership

Hear direct from industry leaders about trends in data management, including cloud, analytics, security and more.