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ViFX supports regional launch of hot storage vendor Actifio

August 8, 2013

Internationally hot company and copy-data storage and disaster recovery vendor Actifio, was supported by New Zealand IT start-up ViFX as they delivered their official Australasian launch event in Sydney. The event officially marks the entry of Actifio into the New Zealand and Australian markets.

ViFX Director, Derek Leitch is attending the launch and said ViFX was on hand to discuss our Actifio integration work into several large New Zealand enterprises that have already adopted this transformative technology.

scoop_logoViFX and Actifio enterprise customer IAG was part of a customer panel that presented at the Actifio launch. CIO, Kevin Angland and Infrastructure Manager, Tim Ansley presented on their strategic ICT imperatives and the benefits they’ve attributed to their Actifio solution.

“ViFX was one of the first organisations in the region to offer the benefits of Actifio to our clients. Actifio is a powerful product that helps organisations to control and manage the growing amounts of data in enterprise IT environments. With growth in web, social and mobile, large enterprises now have so many data collection points, that they need a way to prevent an exponential growth in storage”, explains Derek.

“Actifio is a fundamentally new technology that effectively prevents redundant copies of data from eating up space in the organisation’s storage environment. Having Actifio integrated into your environment prevents rapid storage growth and therefore saves on massively growing storage costs. Actifio delivers immense value for any organisation operating a complex IT infrastructure.”

Mr Leitch said Actifio was an IT sector vendor destined for greatness and likely to be a big player in the copy data, storage and data protection market.

“Actifio has been an excellent organisation to work alongside. They genuinely care for their customers, they have a great product and people that are passionate about improving enterprise IT. ViFX has successfully integrated Actifio into two large scale customers in New Zealand and delivered the excellent customer experience that we are renowned for.”

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