Actifio is now part of Google Cloud. Read the full announcement.

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The chances of anything really new coming from storage are a million to one, but still they come

June 13, 2018

Transmission inbound… Argh! It’s frying our systems!

El Reg’s radio telescopes are trained on the storage galaxy and use super-advanced AI, machine learning and pattern-recognition techniques to tease information out of the noise. [Ed: Bullsh*t, you read the press releases and get sent a few tweets.] Let’s see what the industry has to say this week.

Actifio and Google’s cloud

Actifio has uncovered some backup and data recovery shenanigans for Google Cloud Platform. It said it could help enterprise customers:

  • Enable disaster recovery of on-premises and cloud workloads on GCP
  • Rewind and recover data sets of 100 or more terabytes in minutes
  • Retain point-in-time data from days to decades
  • Reuse backups to provision thin clones
  • Protect workloads from any cloud or data centre to Google Cloud

It’s available for download via Google Cloud Launcher.

Actifio said at its Data Driven 2018 conference that it would be expanding its long-standing alliance with IBM, with a new focus on cyber resiliency.

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