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Tape storage untangled at Admirals Bank

July 8, 2013

It started using tape storage to handle this but it was too difficult to manage off-site and the recovery times were dreadful

USA: Admirals Bank says it generates a significant amount of sensitive data on a daily basis. Previous attempts to manage and recover this growing data using tape storage and siloed backup and recovery products did not yield the intended results, causing their enterprise and disk storage budget to skyrocket while placing greater strain on their internal IT team.

ciol-logo“Every day, we generate tons of data, which we have to back up quite often. We started using tape storage to handle this but it was too difficult to manage off-site and the recovery times were dreadful,” said Bryon Bua, Vice President and Manager of Enterprise Technology, Admirals Bank. “We knew we needed to improve up times dramatically and make the right data available faster in a much more efficient way while reducing our overall enterprise storage costs.”

Bua was also frustrated by the limitations of traditional backup and recovery tools he was using as they could not handle copy data management, leaving Admirals Bank awash in extra copies of data that they did not need.

“We were simply ready for a single solution that could quickly and easily handle all of our data management requirements – from backup to disaster recovery and business continuity as well as the day-to-day access of data for application testing within seconds. Actifio fulfilled all of those requirements for us with a single solution,” said Bua.

Using the Actifio platform, Bua was able to reduce the number of excessive data copies from over 100 down to 10 manageable copies. In doing so, he not only reduced the Bank’s overall enterprise storage costs but also streamlined the IT footprint for hardware, software and staff required to manage it, as an announcement added.

Bua continued, “Most companies are spending a fortune on additional disk, enterprise storage and personnel to manage over 100 extra copies of data that they don’t even use. IT professionals need a more efficient, faster and safer way to store and protect their corporate data assets as data continues to grow exponentially – or else this problem will further snowball and leave their IT teams and budgets in greater disarray.”

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