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Robert Reeder Gets CIO of the Year by Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech

July 6, 2013

Rezolve Group, a technology and financial services company serving post-secondary students, announced that their CIO, Robert Reeder, has been honored by Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech as the 2013 CIO of the Year in the enterprise category.

Reeder was recognized for exemplifying development in the use of information technology and IT strategy, as well within the organization, to establish a competitive industry advantage.

Reeder, who has over 30 years experience in building software and systems for the creative and profitable application of technology, was selected to receive this award by the Boston Business Journal’s panel of senior technology leaders based on his dedication to business alignment, leadership capabilities and implementation of technologies. He was specifically recognized for his implementation of Actifio’s Copy Data Storage Platform within Rezolve Group.

According to a release, the Actifio Copy Data Storage platform is optimized for managing copies of production data, eliminating redundant silos of infrastructure and data management applications. By virtualizing the management and retention of data, Actifio transforms the need for multiple data silos and point tools deployed for backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, compliance, analytics, and test and development- into one, SLA-driven, virtualized Protection and Availability storage device.

“The growth of data is always one step ahead of the current storage solutions and I believe this is already a senior level problem for enterprises of all sizes. Actifio allows us to protect the sensitive information of our users while managing the data with pioneered storage capacities,” said Robert Reeder, Rezolve Group CIO. “This technology has allowed me to eliminate backup software and enhance business resiliency while curbing storage growth. It is the most innovative technology process I have implemented as CIO and I am humbled to be recognized with the CIO of the Year award.” “We have the opportunity to highlight the technological achievements of proven leaders and would like to congratulate Robert Reeder for winning the award and on their partnership with Actifio,” said Chris McIntosh, publisher of the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech. “Their innovative collaboration allows for Rezolve Group to better serve their users through data management and recovery, and is a shining example of great leadership.”

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