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Revving Up App Performance in the Cloud

February 16, 2015

At the end of the day, data infrastructure is measured by the level of performance it lends to the application. Things like cost, ease of management and upgrade paths are important as well, but rarely are these given precedence over the need to improve the way data is maintained and manipulated.

itbe_logoThe cloud can be a double-edge sword when it comes to app performance, however, as it offers both the scalability and flexibility to push capabilities to new levels but at the expense of a lack of control that inhibits the ability to ensure that things are working the way you want them to.

Cloud providers and application management developers are sensitive to this issue because it remains one of the key stumbling blocks to gaining a greater share of the application workload, particularly the lucrative market for mission-critical functions. For this reason, there continues to be a steady stream of software-based solutions aimed at boosting performance and accountability in the cloud.

For instance, Actifio recently launched Actifio One, which the company describes as an application resiliency service designed to unite data protection and other functions for applications distributed across multiple resource platforms. It does this by affording not just simple redundancy and recovery services but by acting as a host to the application during the recovery process. The system is based on the company‚Äôs Virtual Data Pipeline platform, a data virtualization technology that enables live encryption, snapshots, replication and other tools within an overarching application and SLA-defined framework. When service is disrupted, it can instantly field a virtual environment to maintain accessibility to the affected app…


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