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Office Envy: Actifio’s ‘Racetracks,’ ‘Huddles’ and an Indoor Food Truck

February 18, 2016

For a company that’s all about efficiency in data storage, Actifio got to wondering if there might exist a more efficient way for staff to meet with each other. What the company came up with, for its move into its current office on Winter Street in Waltham, takes the concept of the standup meeting and adds a bit of privacy. The company built “huddle” rooms where staff members must stand at a high table while they meet—no chairs. The rooms also can’t be reserved ahead of time.

“No endless meetings,” said Actifio founder and CEO Ash Ashutosh during my recent visit to the office. “Quick turn and burn.”

Whatever it is they’re doing at Actifio, it seems to be working. The copy data virtualization firm was the first tech company in Boston to be crowned a billion-dollar “unicorn,” a couple years ago, and unlike many others in the herd there have been no signs of deceleration. Their real estate moves are one indicator: Actifio roughly doubled its space at the headquarters site, about eight months ago to nearly 50,000 square feet.

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