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The Multi-Dimensional IT Management Challenge

June 6, 2017

The data center is on a clear trajectory toward greater abstraction, greater resource distribution, and greater diversity in both the workloads it supports and the technologies it brings to bear.

All of this leads to an increasingly complex management challenge that pits the need for greater autonomy among users and applications against the needs of the enterprise to maintain data availability and security while keeping budgets under control.

According to Shay Demmons, executive VP of BaseLayer’s RunSmart software division, this challenge is compounded by the fact that most organizations are branching into new IoT and service-level data architectures that must reach back to legacy infrastructure for crucial data support. This calls for a “looking forward, looking backward” management approach that, in fact, utilizes many of the same technologies that are driving the transition to digital services – things like sensor-driven data systems, advanced visibility and intelligent automation that propel workflow management and resource allocation to the speed of modern business.

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