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The Many Paths to the Hybrid Cloud

March 17, 2017

by Ash Ashutosh

The IT landscape has fundamentally shifted, and cloud is at the epicenter of it all. Amazon AWS is approaching $10 bn in annual revenue, Microsoft Azure is approaching $3 bn, while Oracle Cloud is positioning itself as the enterprise cloud for customers. Recently, VMware and AWS partnered to deliver VMware on AWS bare metal to give customers a seamless hybrid cloud experience.

This shift has gradually, but inevitably, brought about a rethinking in how IT organizations use and manage their infrastructure. I regularly speak with CIOs and CTOs who are experiencing this change, and with every week that goes by, more of them are telling me how they are pressing their VP/Director of infrastructure, or Enterprise Architect/DevOps Manager, to design and execute a hybrid cloud model. But what is driving them to make that demand? And how are they starting to map their route to a hybrid model?

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