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Jumpin’ AppFlash! Actifio’s devops gear rolls onto Pure kit

October 20, 2016

The AppFlash DevOps Platform has been jointly developed by Pure and Actifio. It marries Actifio’s copy data virtualisation with Pure’s hardware, and there are three pre-tested configurations to accelerate the provisioning and refresh of databases for faster application development and testing.

The setup enables “secure self-service to hundreds of concurrent dev/QA/test hosts, managing multi-TB-sized workloads, instantly.”

The three configurations are:

  • Devops Platform 10 – to 10TB for small/departmental workloads
  • Devops Platform 20 – to 20TB for larger-capacity workloads
  • Devops Platform 40 – to 40TB for enterprise workloads

Actifio bangs away at its original need-for-copy-data-virtualisation message, citing Actifio-sponsored IDC research and claiming the average organization holds as many as 375 data copies, including backups of backups and multiple versions of files. Copy data comprises as much as 60 per cent of what is stored in data centers, costing companies as much as $44 billion to manage worldwide.

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