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IPO is the next big milestone for us, says Actifio boss

September 16, 2015

Actifio has announced that an IPO is just around the corner, and will be the “next big milestone” for the company going into 2016.

The vendor – which offers data virtualisation tools to businesses – said there is a possibility of another round of funding in the meantime followinglast year’s $100m (£65m) financing.

Founded in 2009, Actifio has so far raised about $208m in venture capital funding and has received a valuation of $1bn, placing it in the ranks of so-called unicorns such as Uber, Snapchat and Elon Musk’s Space X.

CEO and founder of Actifio, Ash Ashutosh – who has previously hinted at IPO plans – claimed at a London-based partner event that he was not expecting another $100m in private funding and would, in fact, be happy with nothing.

“There is still time to figure out this year’s funding, and the next big milestone for us is to try to get to be a public company,” he said. “I don’t think we will raise another $100m in funding. I think that makes it very hard to become a public company because immediately you move the bar up. So it will be a much smaller amount. It could even be nothing.”

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