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An Introduction to Copy Management Systems

August 17, 2017

With virtualization and innovative networking ruling today’s, IT landscape, application owners and development teams have been using processes that copy production data, either for backups or for seeding test/development environments. This rapid change in the arena is driving a more intense need for a copy management system that can work seamlessly in the sophisticated IT environment.

The copy procedure has been executed in various ways. Snapshots and clones inside the capacity layer in a storage array permit the computerized formation of application images. Virtual machines can likewise be copied or cloned inside the hypervisor, permitting whole application images to be made at the click of a button. The rise of server virtualization has exacerbated the issue of image creation. Whenever test/dev is kept running on particular equipment, just a single or two duplicates of every application may be maintained at the same time. However, server virtualization permits the production of a practically boundless number of image duplicates.

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