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IBM, Actifio Partner on Data Virtualization Services

February 5, 2014

A partnership with Actifio is expanding IBM’s (IBM) cloud offerings with a new data virtualization service aimed at enterprise customers. IBM SmartCloud Data Virtualization(SCDV) was designed to enable customers to decouple their application data from their physical infrastructure to improve business resiliency, agility and the ability to move more seamlessly into the cloud.

TalkinCloud_LogoPart of the reason for the new service is to connect independent silos that currently exist within enterprises. As companies move toward cloud-based systems, IBM noted, many of them are struggling with the complexity and costs associated with application data bound to physical infrastructure. But virtualization can break down those silos—and that’s what SCDV was designed to do.

“IBM’s SmartCloud Data Virtualization combines the power of Actifio’s data virtualization platform with IBM’s Resiliency technology and operational reliability,” said Laurence Guihard-Joly, general manager for IBM’s Business Continuity and Resiliency Services, in a prepared statement. “As part of our growing portfolio of cloud software, services and expertise that help clients tackle any IT or business challenge with confidence, security and trust, SCDV will not only offer many customers faster recovery times at better price points, it will enable them to leverage their protected data as a business asset rather than simply an insurance policy.”

The technological basis for the service comes from Actifio, which provides a platform for simple copy data management.

For IBM customers, the end goal is to provide them with the ability to achieve better SLAs for more mission-critical applications in the cloud.

IBM didn’t mention partners in its announcement, but this could provide a new opportunity for its many business partners.

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